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5 Decadent vegan desserts


Parfait-less perfection

Parfait-less perfection

Serving size 1

A refreshing summer treat couldn’t be simpler! This makes for a quick indulgence for yourself or any number of guests. Create individual servings in Mason jars so your guests can delight in seeing and savouring the freshness.


  • Almond yogourt (or coconut, if you prefer)
  • Strawberries
  • Walnuts
  • Agave nectar


  1. In a glass or bowl, pour some yogourt. Slice the strawberries, and place a layer on top of the yogourt.
  2. Add another layer of almond yogourt. Crush some walnuts, and sprinkle over the yogourt. Repeat as many layers as you wish, and drizzle agave nectar to your heart’s content.

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