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8 Tasty Canadian recipes to celebrate Canada Day

Here in Canada, we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to try out all kinds of culturally diverse cuisines whenever we want. But Canada also has some great creations of its own. Celebrate July 1 this year with some of these favourites you perhaps haven’t had in a while.


Beaver Tails

If you’ve ever skated the Rideau Canal or paid a visit to our country’s capital, you may have had an opportunity to try a Beaver Tail. But even if you can’t make it to Ottawa this summer, you can still enjoy these sweet, lightly crisped pastries thanks to this homemade version created by Kelly at Inspired Edibles. You can eat them in their traditional form or dress them up with all sorts of decadent toppings!



Ask virtually anyone who has visited Canada what they think of as our “national dish,” and they’re likely to answer, “poutine.” The unique blend of fries, gravy and cheese curds originated in Quebec and has been satisfying Canadians and intriguing visitors ever since. But there’s no need to stop by a restaurant or fast food joint to get your poutine fill this July 1. Instead, check out Bob at BS’ in the Kitchen‘s recipe for baked french fry poutine.

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Montreal style bagels

Montreal-style bagels

There are plenty of places you can travel in the world where you can get a bagel for breakfast or lunch. But none offer the same distinct, sweet taste of a dense Montreal bagel. You might not have a wood-fired oven — which is how they’re traditionally baked — but you can come pretty close to their one-of-a-kind tastiness thanks to Christine at Munchin with Munchkin‘s Montreal-style bagels recipe.

Butter tarts

Butter tarts

Every country has a dessert or two it’s known for, but few desserts can compare to the ooey-gooey, sweet goodness of butter tarts. Whether enjoyed plain or with raisins, pecans or other tasty additions, these sugar-filled pastries are always yummy. Try out Steve at Adventure Food‘s recipe for original butter tarts, and see if you can stop at eating just one!

Peameal bacon

Peameal bacon

Many places around the world offer “regular” bacon, but peameal bacon, or what some call “Canadian bacon,” can’t be found just anywhere. So it only makes sense to celebrate Canada Day with this local specialty. Start your day off right with this peameal bacon breakfast sandwich from Kevin at Closet Cooking. What a savoury and delicious way to get your July 1 going!

Maple fudge

Maple fudge

Let’s face it: Just about anything maple related has a little bit of Canadian flair to it. You can use maple syrup in all sorts of ways this July 1, from pouring it over pancakes to using it as a sweetener in all your favourite baked goods. Or better yet, get a little extra creative, and whip up this maple cream fudge, developed by Ann at Thibeault’s Table.

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For the most part, a lot of the foods Canada is known for centre on snacks, sweets and other treats. But if you want a truly Canadian meal, tourtière is the way to go. This savoury meat pie originated in Quebec and has been developed into all kinds of interesting and unique variations. For a traditional version that’s been passed down through the generations, check out the tourtière recipe shared by Mellissa at I Breathe… I’m Hungry. This dish is rich in history, tradition and, of course, lots of great Canadian flavour.


Nanaimo bars

Many of Canada’s most-well-known foods originated on the East Coast, but this scrumptious sweet treat comes from Nanaimo, British Columbia. Three layers make up the bar: The crust is made primarily of coconut and cocoa; the middle is a creamy custard; and a thin chocolate layer tops it all off. Satisfy your sweet tooth this Canada Day with the delicious version of Nanaimo bars created by Bree at Baked Bree.

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What delicious Canadian treats will you whip up this July 1? Let us know in the comment section below!

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