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5 Best food Instagram accounts

Social media has opened up the world for those who love to cook, bake and create amazing drinks and share it all with the world. Instagram, the fun photo-sharing app, has been gaining in popularity. If you love to browse through food images, we’ve rounded up some of the best food Instagram accounts that’ll make your mouth water!

Rolos-Skor cheesecake

Rolo-Skor cheesecake


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the genius behind this fun Instagram account (@amotherworld), which features a great balance of food, life and parenting, but her food images really stand out. She posts snapshots of both restaurant and homemade food, and it’s hard to not feel hungry after browsing her feed. She also shares a lot of gluten-free dishes she creates, though she admits to indulging in gluten once in a while.

Maria loves to share her food images on Instagram because, “I love cooking and baking everything from scratch as much as possible and hope to show others how easy it is to do so with healthier options.”

Dragonfruit smoothie

Dragon fruit smoothie


If you’re in the mood for eye-catching drinks, SoberJulie (@SoberJulie) is the feed to browse through. It’s filled with great-looking food and real-life moments, and Julie shares photos of non-alcoholic beverages that will brighten anyone’s summer gathering. Her recipes, featuring fresh ingredients, are simple to re-create at home and healthy for anyone looking for a fun drink, making her feed one of our favourites to follow.

Julie loves to share her drink creations on Instagram because, “I feel people don’t have enough choices for fun, non-alcoholic beverages.” Looking at her fun and fruity mocktails, you’ll have no idea they’re appropriate for everyone to enjoy!

Greek yogurt and dill salmon dip

Greek yogourt dill dip for our salmon


Just looking through Mara’s Instagram account (@chickymara) instantly makes our tummy grumble. With everything from fun cocktails to inspiring, healthy food, Mara’s got it covered. She strives to prepare healthy meals but believes in striking a balance between indulging and living a healthy lifestyle.

Mara loves to share her food photos on Instagram because, “I love food and the experience of eating. Food is love and it’s social, and it’s to be shared and enjoyed and give pleasure. I want people to know that food can be delicious and healthy but still easy to make. Most of the dishes are of my own creations, [and] I adapt and develop my own recipes.”

Fresh blueberries and dessert

Fresh blueberries and dessert

Oh, Sweet Joy!

If you’re looking for beautifully photographed, amazing-looking food, Kim’s Oh, Sweet Joy! (@ohsweetjoy) is the feed to scroll through. Her food isn’t always the healthiest, but if she’s created and photographed it, chances are you’ll be captured by the beauty of the dish. Her homemade meals are creative, and her love of photography shines through her entire feed.

Kim loves to share her food photos on Instagram because, “Styling food for Instagram and blog posts is one of my favourite parts of spending time in the kitchen. Since you can’t give followers a literal taste, I like to style and photograph food items for a visual appeal instead. If I make someone hungry or comment with ‘YUM!’ I’ve done my job!”

Homemade Boeuf Bourgignon

Homemade boeuf bourguignon

Carol au Courant

If you’re already hungry, avoid Carol Gomez’ Instagram feed (@CarolAuCourant), or be prepared to drool over every food image. Scrolling through her account, you can see that Carol has an interesting palate and isn’t afraid to try new foods and new combinations. With photos of everything from her favourite chocolate to amazing barbecued meals to restaurant finds, you can almost smell the food through your phone.

Carol explains what followers can expect to see at her Instagram account: “I usually love to share pictures of different dishes I make for my family (breakfast, lunch and dinner), including scrumptious desserts and succulent smoothies! Most of my dishes that I create don’t require many ingredients and take a lot less time (quicker recipes), because let’s face it, as moms we do not have much time on our hands!”

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