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Ways to incorporate more pomegranate into your diet

Pomegranates are a tasty combination of tart and sweet, which makes them a yummy (and nutritious) addition to so many recipes. Have you tried any of these tasty ideas yet?

Pomegranate whole and divided

The initial surge of popularity that pushed pomegranate into the nutrition spotlight several years ago may have passed, but the health benefits of these tasty little red seeds still remain. Pomegranates are good sources of anti-oxidants, vitamin C and soluble and insoluble fibre. They’re also cholesterol-free and just 83 calories per 100 grams. So there’s no reason not to incorporate them into your regular diet.

Refreshing drinks

Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is a convenient way to enjoy all the nutritional benefits of pomegranates on the go. Buy a bottled variety, such as POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice, to familiarize yourself with the flavour. When trying out a new brand, be sure to check that it’s made of pure pomegranates and that no sugars or additives have been thrown in. You can also make pomegranate juice yourself by tossing the seeds into a juicer. If you don’t have a juicer, pulse the seeds in a food processor, and then pour them into a jug through a fine sieve to remove the seeds. If the flavour is too tart on its own for you, add a handful of pomegranates to your favourite smoothie recipe.

Colourful salads

A little pop of tangy sweetness can add a lot to an otherwise average salad. And fortunately pomegranates do just that! This refreshing pomegranate salad makes for a wonderfully colourful and flavourful light lunch, starter or side. Or for a heartier option, try this superfood salad with lemon vinaigrette. You can also allow the sweet flavour to completely encompass your salad with this pomegranate vinaigrette.

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A tangy flavour pop for appetizers and mains

Pomegranate seeds have a bold and unique flavour that can make otherwise simple sauces, dips and marinades really pop. Tired of serving your guests the same old dip? Give your appetizer a refreshing zing with this healthy pomegranate guacamole. And when mealtime comes around, pomegranates can make grand appearances there too. This fruity pomegranate apple cranberry relish will make a sweet and tangy sauce for meat dishes, sandwiches and more. Or for a tangy twist on a traditional Indian dish, whip up lentils with garam masala, coconut and pomegranate seeds.

Tasty desserts

Pomegranate ice cream

The natural sugars in pomegranates make them the perfect sweet addition to many desserts. This nutritious pomegranate yogourt dessert combines creamy high-protein Greek yogourt with the sweet tanginess of pomegranates for a flavourful treat. Or after a really warm summer day, cool off with this refreshing pomegranate sorbet. Pomegranate seeds are so tasty you can even eat them by the handful for a healthy and low-calorie treat any time of day.

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