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5 Great dessert cheeses to end your meal

Not everyone wants a slice of pie or piece of cake after their meal. If traditional sweet treats aren’t for you, a simple selection of Canadian cheese might be the perfect end to your meal. Not sure what to look for? We share some of our favourite dessert cheeses to serve at your next dinner party.

dessert cheese platter


Bleu Bénédictin

You either love it or you hate it, but no matter which way you slice it (pun intended), this polarizing but ultra-tasty Canadian cheese has earned its place on a dessert cheese tray. The sharp taste of Canadian Bleu Bénédictin acts as a post-meal palate cleanser and pairs well with sweeter fruits such as pears or ripe figs. Try a slice of Canadian Bleu Bénédictin with a drizzle of honey on a thin slice of Granny Smith apple for a flavour-packed treat that makes a unique alternative to a cupcake or cookie.


Fou du roy

This washed-rind, artisanal, farmhouse Canadian cheese makes an excellent addition to a dessert cheese platter. We love the mild aroma and creamy, almost-velvety texture that seems perfect for ending a meal. Made in Quebec, this cheese pairs well with red wine and has a similar taste to classic Oka. If you’ve got one or two stronger Canadian cheeses on your post-dinner platter (such as blue cheese), fou de roy acts as a nice balance to something sharper.

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Island brie

A soft cheese on a dessert cheese platter is a must (and always seems to be the first to get snapped up), and this Canadian cheese — which happens to have been a finalist in the 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix — is sure to be a showstopper. The fine, white rind reveals a golden, creamy centre that can easily be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by a hearty cracker. When eaten on its own, it pairs well with mild, fruity wines.


Fox Hill Gouda

One of the most versatile cheeses around, this firm Canadian cheese is another must-have on an after-dinner cheese tray (it also makes an excellent late-night snack with some simple wheat crackers). This Gouda in particular has an almost nutty taste (some people compare the taste to almonds) and pairs well with almost any fruit (we like it with tart berries or green apples). It also works to offset the more robust Canadian cheeses you happen to be serving alongside it.

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If you’ve never heard of this semi-soft Canadian cheese, it has a creamy taste (almost butter-like) but more character than some other soft cheeses, making it a crowd-pleasing addition to your dessert cheese platter. This is another cheese selection that pairs well with fresh and just-ripe figs, as well as other fresh and dried fruit. We also like it on its own with a glass of medium-bodied red wine.

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Dessert cheese platter tips

If you’re planning to serve a meal-ending tray of Canadian cheese (and we suggest you do), make sure to offer a variety of textures (one hard, one soft, one semi-soft) and tastes (something mild with something more robust) so every palate is accommodated. Other tasty additions can include the aforementioned figs (fresh and dried), thinly sliced pears and Granny Smith apples, grapes, berries, fresh bread, nuts, honey and various fruit compotes.

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