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Trendy foods worth biting into

It’s safe to say that 2013 is going to be the year of food. From eating vegetables to going meatless, there are dozens of trends you can incorporate into your daily eating routine. What are the top food items you should sink your teeth into? Here are seven of our favourites.

woman making bread



Why dig into a bowl of fatty chips when you can pop some of these high-fibre, nutritious kernels to create a delicious midday or late-night snack? And popcorn can be topped with just about anything — from Canadian cheese to chili flakes — to create a delicious nibble that’ll suit your palate’s mood.

Go meatless

tofu isolated

Call it the Oprah effect, but going meatless (her “meatless Mondays”) at least one day a week is now a must-try food trend for 2013. What can you replace your dear steak or chicken with? Tofu is one option, and so is tempeh. But you can also dig into a plate of pasta topped with fresh tomato sauce and some Canadian cheese (for added protein).



Haven’t you heard? These sweet snacks are the new cupcake. Expect to see them as the go-to dessert at restaurants, weddings and any chic cocktail party. Just remember: Because they’re loaded with sugar, they should be an occasional treat instead of something you eat every day.

Gamey meats

raw meat isolated

If going meatless isn’t your thing, maybe this new “wild” food trend is for you. Nationally and locally, expect to see more “natural,” “farm-raised” and “hunted” game on menus and in your restaurant’s freezers. Everything from venison to boar to rabbit and kangaroo will be up for grabs. Serve with a light salad or a side of couscous or quinoa.

Homemade bread


Move over, whole-wheat and white bread. There are a slew of new crusts in town, and they’re about to take your crowns as top doughs. This is the year in which we’ll pay more attention to bread and will custom bake loaves to suit our tastes. Sourdough, gluten-free, rye and egg will all be bread options to reach for in 2013. Serve with a swipe of butter or a fresh piece of Canadian cheese.

Fermented goods


Kimchi! Sauerkraut! Pickles! If you’re not a regular consumer of these items, get ready to dig into them in a big way throughout 2013. These foods, which are traditional delicacies in other parts of the world, will add a perfect sour kick to savoury dishes like salad or perogies.

Root vegetablessquash

Leafy green veggies are so passé. OK, so they’re not really going out of fashion, but they will be taking a back seat to other, harder-to-cook vegetables like squash, sweet potatoes and kale in 2013. These root vegetables are high in fibre and full of nutrients, making them perfect foods to nosh on if you’re vegetarian. They’ll also be cooked in fresher ways (usually you find these items only in stews or chilies).

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