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Spring guide to picnicking

The warm weather is finally on its way in, and that means it’s picnic time! Plan the perfect spread for your friends, family or a special someone with the help of these simple tips.

family picnic

Start with the right blanket

picnic blanket sunshine riviera

When you’re out in the fresh air with good friends, you’re bound to have a pleasant time no matter what. But it doesn’t hurt to have the proper supplies to make sure everything goes smoothly. The most important item to bring along is, of course, a blanket. But don’t grab just any old blanket out of your closet. To ensure you, your guests and your meal stay dry even if the grass is damp, get something along the lines of this Sunshine Riviera picnic blanket (, $20). One side is made of heavy-duty waterproof fabric, while the other is cozy fleece, so you can stay warm and dry all day long. It even folds up easily so you can tote it around hassle free.

Find the basket for you

picnic basket - highlander

Next, you’ll need a picnic basket that’s both attractive and easy to organize, and plenty of great options are out there. If you plan to enjoy many romantic picnics with a special someone, this wicker picnic basket for two (, $85) might be just what you’re looking for. Or if you need a larger option, this Highlander basket for four (, $170) might be more up your alley. No matter what your needs are, you can find a basket that’s both nice to look at and easy to carry around.

Plan the right meal

Now comes the most crucial component of a pleasant picnic: the food. The important thing here is to pick items that will keep well even if it takes you some time to find the right spot to set up. Items that aren’t going to topple over and fall apart when jostled around in a picnic basket are also ideal. An appetizer platter is always a great way to start. Pick out some of your favourite Canadian cheeses, and place them in a large Tupperware container with sliced pickles, olives, deli meats and crackers. Carefully packaged sandwiches and wraps filled with egg salad or ham and Canadian Swiss cheese make great mains. And for dessert? Bring along a batch of these healthy vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Find the perfect spot

Once you’ve gotten everything together, all that’s left to do is to find the perfect picnic spot. The only rule here is to not limit yourself. A park is, of course, a common spot to set up, but it isn’t the only one. You can have a picnic on the beach, on a rooftop patio, at a clearing by your favourite hiking trail or even in your own backyard. Going outside to enjoy a meal in the fresh air can happen anywhere, so seize the opportunity to visit someplace totally new with the special people in your life this spring.

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