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Fun Irish drinks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

It’s only natural that we do as the Irish do on St. Patrick’s Day and take some beverage ideas from them, especially when it comes to celebrating their holiday.

Candy-infused vodka

candy infused vodka shots

If you enjoy alcohol and you enjoy candy, we have the perfect merger for you. Jasmin at 1 Fine Cookie is an absolute mastermind and managed to create these incredible candy-infused vodka shots. So believe it or not, you can now enjoy Sour Patch Kids, Jelly Bellies, Laffy Taffys and Air Heads in liquid St. Patrick’s Day form. Cheers to that!

Thin mint shamrock shake

st. patrick's day shake

Looking for a St. Patrick’s Day recipe that’s part tasty drink, part sweet dessert? Look no further than this delectable thin mint shamrock shake by Lindsay at Life and Kitchen. An excuse to chow down on ice cream and mint-chocolate cookies as a way to honour the patron saint of Ireland? We say yes, please!

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Whiskey cocktail

st. patrick's day whiskey cocktail

A beautiful green St. Patrick’s Day drink made of only three ingredients? Sounds perfect. Head on over to Nature Insider to check out Nadia’s Irish whiskey cocktail. With her simple recipe you can have a vibrant green drink in your hand in moments. Or if you’re in the mood for something a little sweeter, you’ll love her smooth and luxurious crème de menthe cocktail.

Honeydew mojito

st. patrick's day mojito

If you find St. Patrick’s Day drinks are a little too heavy for you, then you’ll love this light honeydew, cucumber and mint mojito by Sarah at Thyme. It’s sweet, refreshing and can be made with or without rum, so you can enjoy it in the morning or at night on March 17. You can have all the spirit of a green St. Patrick’s Day beverage without the high-calorie content that comes with many holiday recipes.

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Green Lantern

green lantern martini

If you’re planning an elegant cocktail party this year in honour of St. Patrick, you don’t want to forget to plan a special signature drink. This Green Lantern in a classy martini glass from Teroforma is the perfect sophisticated beverage. It’s simple, elegant, and you can feel free to brag about the fact that its attractive green colouring is completely natural.

Irish coffee

irish coffee

No drink from the Emerald Isle is quite as widespread as the traditional Irish coffee. Stephanie at 52 Kitchen Adventures offers an easy-to-follow recipe for Irish coffee that will warm your belly on the night of March 17. You might even find you like it so much that it becomes a favourite go-to treat at any time of the year.

O’Lucky Irish coffee

st. patrick's day irish coffee

If you’re in the mood for a good ol’ Irish coffee but also need to satisfy your sweet tooth, this O’Lucky Irish coffee from Lyndsy at The Dinnervine might be just what you’re looking for. Smooth Baileys Irish Cream and tasty peppermint-infused whipped cream make this a truly decadent St. Patrick’s Day treat.

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