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Retro revival: 6 Fresh updates to classic fondue

Fondue is a great option for a special family night or an elegant dinner party. But if you’re tired of your traditional recipe, spice things up with one of these fresh and unique twists on an old favourite.

Chipotle, chorizo and dark beer fondue

beer and chorizo fondue

Megan at Feasting on Art is a true visionary when it comes to cooking. She doesn’t just cook, and she doesn’t just love art — she actually makes recipes that are inspired by her favourite artworks. So cool! We are particularly grateful for her genius, because it helped her to create this delectable-looking chipotle, chorizo and dark beer fondue. Now that’s creativity at its finest!

Ingenious cast-iron skillet fondue

cast-iron skillet fondue

Selecting, buying and storing a fondue set aren’t easy tasks. So thank goodness for Cheryl and Adam at Picture-perfect Meals. Because of their cleverness, you can make this cast-iron skillet fondue that offers all the flavours of the traditional method but without the heavy price tag and frustrating storage of a fondue pot. So get out your skillet, and get cooking!

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Fondue coq au vin

fondue coq au vin

If you’re on the hunt for a lighter way to enjoy fondue, you’ll be happy to have discovered this one. Julie at Mommie Cooks made fondue much less heavy and high calorie when she invented this fondue coq au vin. Not only is the dip mixture less heavy without the traditional cheese component, but she favours vegetables, meats and potatoes to make this a genuinely nutritious meal.

Hard apple cider fondue

apple cider fondue

Traditional fondue gets a fruity and funky kick with this hard apple cider cheese fondue by Laura at The Cooking Photographer. She even offers some clever and flavourful “cheese delivery devices” to go with it that you’ve likely never considered — but are sure to enjoy.

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Cheese fondue with chipotle and tequila

chipotle fondue

Cheese fondue may have originated in Europe, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get a spicy, Mexican kick. Viviane at Food & Style gave this traditional dish a hot new makeover when she invented her cheese fondue with chipotle and tequila. What a fun and original twist!

S’mores dessert fondue for two

smores fondue

Anyone who’s ever had chocolate fondue knows this decadent style of eating isn’t just reserved for the main course. If you want a dessert with real personality and flair, check out Suzanne’s recipe at Kokocooks for s’mores fondue for two. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and class.

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