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Veggie love: Vegetarian food blogs we love

Whether you’ve sworn off animal products altogether or are simply looking to reduce your consumption, these stellar vegetarian blogs make meat-free living incredibly doable — and yummy!

Dancing Carrots

dancing carrots oriental noodle salad

Photo of Oriental noodle salad

We’ve heard of mother-daughter blogs, husband and wife blogs and best friends blogs, but it isn’t every day you come across an uncle and niece duo. We couldn’t be happier that Curt and his niece, Jessica, merged their culinary skills, nutritional knowledge and healthy visions to create Dancing Carrots. Curt has been a vegetarian for close to three decades, and Jessica is a registered dietician, so you’ll collect plenty of healthy recipes and advice every time you visit.

Healthful Pursuit

healthful pursuit

Photo of vegan cranberry cheesecake squares

These days everyone either has some sort of dietary restriction or knows someone who does, so cooking healthy meals everyone will enjoy can be challenging. But you won’t feel that way after checking out Healthful Pursuit. Leanne is a holistic nutritionist and is constantly coming up with new and exciting recipes and alternatives to make just about anything vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free and more. If you’ve ever struggled with your relationship with food, you will learn so much from her journey and knowledge.

Green Kitchen Stories

green kitchen stories roasted butternut soup

Photo of roasted butternut coconut soup

David and Luise at Green Kitchen Stories focus on creating healthy vegetarian recipes using whole foods and organic products — and boy, does it show in their photographs! They use natural ingredients to great effect. And though their recipes are big on flavour, they aren’t big on complicated instructions or massive ingredient lists, so healthy eaters — from beginner to advanced — will appreciate their tasty creations.

Vegetarian Ventures


Photo of panzanella

Shelly at Vegetarian Ventures is an artist in every sense of the word. She has an ear for music, an eye for photography and taste buds with major recipe-creating power. You’ll find plenty of delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes here, with gorgeous photos to go along with them. Shelly also includes photos of all the fun, outdoorsy adventures she gets up to. You’ll be inspired to eat well, stay fit and love the natural joys life offers every time you visit her blog.

Oh My Veggies

portabella and kale pizza

Photo of portabella and kale pizza with roasted garlic sauce

Kiersten at Oh My Veggies has a laid-back attitude and genuine love for good food that shines through each of her posts. You’ll discover lots of healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes on her blog, but she doesn’t shy away from creating a decadent batch of cupcakes or brownies from time to time. If you’re new to meat-free cooking or have to prepare meals for someone with an affinity for animal products, Oh My Veggies provides a nice middle ground. Kiersten even writes a “what I ate this week” post each Friday that offers a glimpse into just how easy and tasty a vegetarian diet can be.

Oh She Glows

veggie summer spring rolls

Photo of veggie summer rolls with spicy peanut lime sauce

We can’t think of a more appropriate name for the vegan blog Oh She Glows. Its creator, Angela, has a glowing appearance and a beautiful personality to match. Her constant enthusiasm and positivity for every delicious recipe she creates will lift your mood in moments. She also recently started a vegan how-to series that answers questions and addresses potential challenges that might have you holding back from veganism. This Canadian blog is an absolute must-read.

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Tinned Tomatoes

kale and cheddar bubble and squeak

Photo of kale and cheddar bubble and squeak

Jacqueline, otherwise known as “the Scottish vegetarian” at Tinned Tomatoes, has been coming up with new and creative meat-free dishes ever since she became a vegetarian 24 years ago. She’s constantly envisioning inventive ways to blend different ingredients and flavours to create brilliant breakfasts, lunches and dinners for you and your family. She also holds a monthly soup-and-salad challenge called “No Croutons Required,” where you’re sure to discover some yummy and nutritious recipes.

Veggie Belly

pumpkin and spinach curry

Photo of pumpkin and spinach curry

If any meat-eaters out there are giving you a hard time, saying vegetarian dishes can’t possibly have as much flavour as their animal-based counterparts, you need only whip up a recipe from Veggie Belly to prove them wrong. Sala has been a vegetarian her whole life and has visited dozens of countries, so she sure knows how to play with different spices and flavour combinations. You’ll find all kinds of unique dishes every time you stop by her blog.

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