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Fabulous food bloggers to get to know this year

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, a delicious recipe or even a charming narrative that chronicles another foodie’s life experience, we’ve shortlisted five remarkable food bloggers to help you navigate your culinary journey.

french toast carnal dish

Carnal Dish

Resha at Carnal Dish doesn’t make any excuses for her love of food, and that love is clearly evident throughout her blog. She believes food is sexy, and who are we to argue with that, especially when checking out such tempting dishes as a steak and cheese sandwich with crispy onions and arugula-pesto mayo, bourbon and vanilla bean French toast with raspberry maple syrup or a dish named after her own vision of food, sexy sausage and vegetable pasta? What’s more, each recipe is creatively photographed in a step-by-step tutorial.

Photo credit: Resha of Carnal Dish
bs' in the kitchen buffalo chicken

BS’ in the Kitchen

Siblings Bob and Carlene are the blogging duo behind BS’ in the Kitchen, a fun, cute blog that allows both their personalities to shine through. They sign off each entry with their name, so it’s obvious which sibling is responsible for which recipe, but regardless of whether it’s from the “B” or the “S” part of the duo, yummy foods like Buffalo chicken stuffed potato skins, mustard greens salad and red velvet whoopie pies keep us coming back for more.

Photo credit: BS’ in the Kitchen
willow bird baking peach crisp

Willow Bird Baking

As the name Willow Bird Baking would suggest, Julie’s blog is bursting with recipes of yummy baked treats. But what the name doesn’t tell us is that it also showcases meal ideas, and in a cute twist, not only are recipes listed by type or meal but also by colour and season. With so many wonderful recipes to choose from, we’re glad she’s identified the Willow Bird favourites with mouth-watering treats like caramel fudge brownie cheesecake, tres leches coconut cake trifle and peach crisp pie — we know they’ll soon be our favourites too.

Photo credit: Julie Ruble of Willow Bird Baking
la buena vida mussels and fries

La Buena Vida

Nicole’s blog, La Buena Vida, which translates to “the good life,” is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Her passion for food is expressed not only with her words but through her camera lens, as photos of such delicious foods as mussels and fries and iced camomile sun tea help create the stories of her dishes. And even when only a few photos are posted, such as with her baked eggs with tomato, thyme and parmesan, her artistic eye captures the essence of the recipe with a mouth-watering result.

Photo credit: Nicole Franzen of La Buena Vida

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Sunny Side Up

It’s hard not to smile when greeted online by the infectious grin of Jessica from Sunny Side Up. Her bubbly personality shines through her blog, and her approach to food is honest and real. Who can resist cheddar and jalapeno drop biscuits, slow cooker chicken and quinoa chili or yeasted coffee cake with cranberry cream cheese filling? These are only a few of the tasty dishes featured on her site, all of which are accompanied by bright, pretty photos and a fun foodie story to go along with them.

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