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Indulge in these drool-worthy dessert blogs

Whether you have a special occasion that requires a particularly scrumptious dessert or simply feel like doing a little ogling, these decadent dessert blogs are sure to deliver.

ice cream cupcake peanut butter cups

Confessions of a Bright-eyed Baker

Alexandra at Confessions of Bright-eyed Baker might have gotten started thanks to her love of making and enjoying baked goods, but that passion is in no way a limitation. It’s merely a jumping-off point from which dozens of delicious creations have bloomed. Alexandra fills her blog with all sorts of divine recipes — from ice cream cupcake peanut butter cups to rich and dark chocolate ice cream. So whether you’re in the mood to gaze at cookies, bars, buns or breads, Alexandra has a delicious treat waiting for you.

red velvet milkshakes

The Cake Merchant

There are so many stunning photos and creative recipes at The Cake Merchant that it’s hard to even know where to begin. From vegan mint chocolate Oreo cupcakes to red velvet cake milkshake shooters, Natasha does it all. She happens to be quite witty and entertaining as well, so you can laugh in between gawking at her delicious creations.

dolley madison cake

Pies and Plots

When you see the exquisite recipes created and photographed by Laura at Pies and Plots (also on Facebook), you might have a hard time believing this talented blogger is just 22. Her blog is filled with delicious recipes for bars, cakes, pies and much more. This Dolley Madison cake, for example, already has us itching to find an occasion to make it for. Just a quick glance at this decadent blog will be heavenly for your sweet tooth.

cheaters fried ice cream

Cooking Classy

Jaclyn at Cooking Classy doesn’t just do desserts — she does everything. And she does everything incredibly well. This lady knows good food, and she puts up only the best-quality images of all her delicious recipes. This cheaters fried ice cream, for example, had our mouths watering at first glance. There’s a little bit of everything on Cooking Classy, so no matter your tastes, you’re sure to find something worth drooling over.

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red wine chocolate truffles

Pastry Affair

Kristin at Pastry Affair has a passion for the yummy treats she creates, and it shines through in every post she writes and every picture she takes. Her photos are beautifully styled, and her writing is thoughtful and original. Check out her post on red wine chocolate truffles for a glimpse into what her awesome blog has to offer.

salted caramel cake pops

52 Kitchen Adventures

Stephanie at 52 Kitchen Adventures is a self-confessed lover of butter, eggs and sugar. And she uses them to great effect along with a healthy dose of her other favourite ingredient, Nutella, to create a multitude of scrumptious desserts. Bring her salted caramel and chocolate cake pops or her cupcake bouquet to the next party you attend, and you’re guaranteed to impress.

chocolate chip cookie cake

Half Baked

Are you a sucker for a good piece of cake? Then you must check out Half Baked: The Cake Blog. You’ll wish you could reach through your screen and devour every delicious morsel pictured in front of you! The blog’s creator, Carrie, whips up all kinds of original, jaw-dropping cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods. She even brought two delicious baking worlds together when she created this incredible chocolate chip cookie cake. You’re sure to learn all sorts of new things about baking every time you visit this stunning blog.

chocolate brownie pancakes

Chocolate-covered Katie

What’s better than a decadent dessert? Why, a decadent dessert that’s completely guilt-free, of course! Does that combination sound impossible? Thanks to Katie at Chocolate-covered Katie, that dream can be a reality. We don’t know how she does it, but she manages to turn just about any dessert you can think of into a healthy one you can feel good about eating. These double chocolate brownie batter pancakes, for example, are just 130 calories. So there’s no reason to not give in to temptation and indulge in the recipes at this divine dessert blog.

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Know any other dessert blogs you can’t visit without gawking? We’d love to hear about them!

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