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Valentine’s Day food and wine pairing ideas

There are so many delicious foods to enjoy on Valentine’s Day and plenty of equally lovely wines as well. We share some great wine and food pairings so you can savour the best flavours your meal has to offer this Feb. 14.

Veal chops with potatoes and red wine

Chardonnay and chicken

Because chardonnays can vary so greatly in flavour, they can go well with a wide variety of dishes, depending on how oak influenced they are. Wine guru and host of Newstalk 1010’s Wine Review, Andre Proulx recommends keeping things simple by pairing chardonnay with a classic roast chicken. If you want something with a bit more kick, spice things up with a BBQ chicken.

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Champagne and appetizers

Planning on popping a bottle of Champagne this Valentine’s Day? Then you’ll be happy to hear it can be used for more than just a brief toast. Though Champagne doesn’t tend to pair well with heavy dishes, it can be perfect for a lighter meal. Rather than making a big meal this Valentine’s day, consider preparing small dishes with big flavour. Seafood bites, such as smoked salmon crepe rolls or Asian spring rolls, will taste even more delicious with a glass of sparkling Champagne. Champagne also pairs well with cheese-based dishes, such as baked brie or a cheddar and cauliflower quiche. It’s also excellent with chocolate and fruit, so you can keep sipping right through to dessert.

Cabernet sauvignon and red meat

A nice glass of red wine certainly wouldn’t be out of place on Valentine’s Day, and to truly savour all the flavours a good cabernet sauvignon offers, pair it with red meat, suggests Proulx. A delicious herb pot roast is a warm and comforting dish for a cold February night. Or for an even more savoury and decadent evening, check out this filet mignon with chestnut cream sauce.

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Moscato and fruit

Moscato is a much sweeter wine with a very floral aroma. These attributes make it ideal to serve with dessert. For a light and nutritious dessert, enjoy your moscato with a plate of your favourite super-fruits. Or for more of a treat on this special night, sip it with this scrumptious fruit cobbler. Still not decadent enough for you? Check out this fruit dessert pizza. You can even drizzle it with chocolate for an extra burst of flavour combinations.

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