Seductive sippers: Valentine’s Day martinis

Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love, so why not create an enticing elixir that will sweep your loved one off their feet! We share three romantic martinis that might just do the trick.

Celebrate love
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Chocolate Kiss

What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Here’s a raspberry-chocolate treat that will leave a lingering hint of chocolate on your love’s smooch-ready lips!

Serving size 2


  • 3 -1/2 ounces raspberry or raspberry-infused vodka
  • 2 -1/2 ounces white crème de cacao liqueur
  • Bernard Callebaut baking chocolate (milk or semi-sweet)
  • Fresh raspberries for garnish (optional)


  1. In a small microwave-safe container, microwave approximately 1 ounce of chocolate for 1–2 minutes on medium power. Stir every 30 seconds, and heat only until it’s just melted through.
  2. Pour the melted chocolate onto a small plate, and rim the edges of two martini glasses.
  3. Chill the glasses in the refrigerator to set the chocolate.
  4. Pour the raspberry vodka, crème de cacao liqueur and a handful of ice into a cocktail shaker.
  5. Shake quickly, then strain into the two chocolate-rimmed glasses.
  6. Garnish with a fresh raspberry, if desired.

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Red Hot Martini

Add a little heat to Valentine’s night with this cinnamon-flavoured martini!

Serving size 2


  • 3 ounces Goldshläger or another cinnamon schnapps
  • 3 ounces chilled premium vodka
  • Cinnamon candy hearts for garnish


  1. Add the vodka and cinnamon schnapps to a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
  2. Shake vigorously, and quickly strain into two martini glasses.
  3. Let the drink clear, then drop in a few red cinnamon hearts right before serving.

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Love Potion Punch

For a bewitching libation that’s sure to cast a spell on the one you love, try this pretty martini!

Serving size 2


  • 4 ounces white rum
  • 1 ounce Chambord, raspberry liqueur
  • 1 ounce triple sec
  • 2 ounces cranberry juice
  • Superfine sugar
  • Splash of Chambord


  1. Moisten the edges of two martini glasses with a light splash of Chambord. Rim each glass with the sugar.
  2. Add the rum, Chambord, triple sec and cranberry juice to a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice.
  3. Shake vigorously, then strain into the two sugar-rimmed martini glasses.

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