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Healthier Valentine’s Day dessert options

Feb. 14 is traditionally a day that’s all about candy, chocolate and other sweets. While you have every right to treat yourself, with these healthy dessert ideas, you can indulge guilt-free, no matter how you’re spending the holiday.

valentine's day dessert

If you made it this far into the new year with your healthy resolutions, you probably don’t want to throw all that hard work out the window by overindulging on Valentine’s Day. So we offer you some healthier dessert options that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.

On a quiet night for two

If all you want for Valentine’s Day is to enjoy a nice, quiet dinner with your special someone, then you need a dessert that won’t have you working yourself to the bone. This nutty banana “ice cream” is made entirely out of nutritious ingredients and can be whipped together in minutes and then stored in the freezer until you need it. It’s that easy! And considering how good it is for you, don’t be afraid to blend in some dark chocolate chips for an extra-special Valentine’s Day treat. You deserve it!

To create a romantic dining experience

Going out for dinner with your partner can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it can be even nicer to create a more intimate experience at home. So if you’re going to dim the lights, light some candles and set a beautiful table, you need a dessert that’s equally special. Short on ideas? You’ll be hard pressed to find anything more romantic than chocolate fondue. And when done the right way, fondue can be a very nutritious dessert. Begin by heating a cup of dark chocolate chips over a double boiler. Stir constantly until the chocolate chips are just dissolved. Mix in canola oil one teaspoon at a time until the chocolate flows easily off a spoon. Transfer the melted chocolate to a candlelit fondue set if you have one, or simply place it in a decorative bowl, and serve it immediately. Slice up some of your favourite fruits, such as strawberries, pineapple, bananas or pears, and place them in another serving dish. Then sit down at your beautiful table, and savour the decadent yet healthy dish you’ve created with your sweetheart.

For a relaxed night in with a movievegan chocolate chip cookies

If you and your special someone have been feeling overworked and stressed out, spending a relaxed night in with a good movie is the best way to go. But when you’re trying to watch a movie, you don’t want to have to spend half the time staring down at your food, so preparing a dessert that’s easy to eat is what’s called for. These vegan oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies are full of nutritious ingredients, so you can feel good about enjoying them this Valentine’s Day with your honey.

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