10 Foodies to follow on Pinterest

For a foodie, the quest for new, delicious food and recipes is never ending, but using Pinterest makes it simple and fun. If you like it, pin it! It’s as easy as that, and then you have a handy guide to refer to whenever you like!

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When you love great food, a big part of the fun is checking out other boards for inspiration. So we’ve compiled 10 foodies on Pinterest worth following.


Rita Lund

School lunches may never be the same after you check out Rina Lund‘s board, Cute & Fun Food by Others. Here you can find cool bento box ideas from websites such as BentoOnBetterLunches and Bentoriffic, not to mention — as the name would suggest — super-cute food your little ones will love, such as snack cake penguins from Hungry Happenings.


Stephanie Romero

Stephanie Romero shares an uncomplicated life philosophy with the title of her board, Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. We can’t argue with that, especially when drooling over the cookie dough dip from Add a Pinch or Nutella brownies from RicardoCuisine.com.


Katie Fennell

With over 1,600 pins on Katie Fennell‘s board, “Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” — Julie Child, there’s pretty much a recipe for everyone! A couple of pins to check out are beer cheese soup from she wears many hats and the mac & cheese muffins pinned from Emilybites.


Patty McGinley

Pretty things to EAT or food to just look at, and wish you could eat — the name of Patty McGinley‘s board — is an apt description of the beautiful food featured onit. As an example, have a look at the spring rolls from Once Upon a Plate or the simple yet pretty salad-in-a-jar from Newlyweds.


Olga Torres

You had us at the mozza sticks! This yummy snack from Noshing with the Nolands is only one of many that Olga Torres pinned to her appetizer board. Appetizers are fun food anytime, not just for parties or the holidays, so have a peek at some of the other pins, such as the pull-apart bread, originally from Beantown Baker, for a great snack whenever the mood strikes.


Cheryl Dobranski

If home-baked treats are what you’re looking for, then check out Cheryl Dobranski‘s Baked Goodies board. Where do we start? How about with the homemade pop-tarts from Bake Me More, or maybe the buttermilk-blueberry breakfast cake from Alexandra’s Kitchen, or perhaps just about any of the other yummy-looking pins in the collection!


Melissa Castillo

The board Drinks I’d Like To Try / My Favorite Drinks by Melissa Castillo is packed with pins of pretty much any cocktail you might fancy, including blackberry mojitos from Curvy Girl Guide and Baileys chocolate martinis from Lovetoknow cocktails. Cheers!


Ceci McFee

Ceci McFee has added a great variety of foodie pins to her board, Cause I’m no Chef Boyardee!, including lots of decadent treats, like brownie-bottom coconut chocolate cream cake from Barefoot and Baking and — are you ready for this one? — Champagne Jell-o shots from perpetually engaged!


Eva Seccamani

Regardless of whether you’re a vegetarian, Eva Seccamani‘s Vegetarian Foodies board is worth checking out for pins to help create fabulous meatless cuisine. Two pinned ideas are shakshouka from Indulge & Devour and vegetarian quinoa chili from Two Peas & Their Pod. Both are sure to be hits with meat eaters and vegetarians alike.


Heather Gray

Have a look at Heather Gray‘s board, dinner for the foodie, which has pins of yummy ideas such as Mediterranean quesadillas from Budget Bytes or the one-pan dish, skillet rosemary chicken, from Minimally Invasive, one little bite won’t kill you.

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