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4 Fun ways to update mac and cheese

Macaroni and cheese ranks way up there as a comfort food, but even this classic can use an update now and then. Try these ways to make your macaroni more exciting.

baked mac and cheese

Ask people what their favourite comfort food is, and chances are more than a few will name macaroni and cheese. And while many of us have a favourite way to prepare this dish, sometimes a new flavour or method is a welcome change so that our taste buds don’t get bored. In any case, you may discover a brand new way to enjoy it that you’ll love even more!


Prepare macaroni and cheese with a different cheese

Always use cheddar or mozzarella? While these cheeses are delicious, you’re missing out on some other delectable cheeses that work in this dish. Try fontina, Gruyère or Parmesan, or try a blend of cheeses. Experiment with different ratios until you find one that pleases your palate most. While you’re at it, change the experience by simply changing your pasta from elbow macaroni to spirals or penne.


Use macaroni and cheese as “bread”

Kids love different ways of eating the same thing. Have fun with macaroni and cheese you’ve already prepared by cutting a slab of it when it’s cold and frying it on each side. Using two slabs as your “bread,” fill the middle with a slice of meatloaf or even some sautéed spinach and mushrooms. You may never want to eat leftover mac and cheese any other way!


Mix in new ingredients

Do you always eat your mac and cheese plain? Why not add some new ingredients? Simple additions include peas or bacon, but there’s a ton of other ingredients that work well too. If you have a more creamy, mild type of mac and cheese, add some crab to it. Mushrooms, tuna, strips of prosciutto, pesto and broccoli are also great choices when it comes to changing up this comfort food.


Make your macaroni and cheese healthier

Sure, we love the carb-y and rich lusciousness of our favourite macaroni and cheese, but occasionally enjoying a more health-conscious version can be a welcome change. Use whole-wheat or whole-grain pasta instead of regular macaroni, replace whole milk with skim milk and incorporate cauliflower or broccoli to boost vitamins and minerals in the dish.

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