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Blogger traditions: Christmas cookies

With so many cookie recipes out there, it’s hard to know what to make over the holidays. Fortunately these four wonderful food bloggers are sharing their all-time favourite cookie recipes to help you decide!

gluten-free gingerbread

Gluten-free gingerbread

These days you’re likely to find at least one person at any given holiday party or family dinner who is allergic to gluten, so making at least one gluten-free treat is a good idea. It means the person won’t have to be sad they can’t enjoy what you’ve made, and you won’t be sad you can’t find out what they think of your cookies. This year, be the hero of the party by bringing these gluten-free gingerbread cookies created by Christina over at Buffy & George. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved in the fun of Christmas cookie decorating!

healthy monster cookies

Healthier monster cookies

Undoubtedly the holidays are a time for indulging. But isn’t it better to feel like you’re indulging without the calorie count to back it up? You bet! These healthier monster cookies made by Miryam over at Eat Good 4 Life are loaded with healthy ingredients such as oats, brown cereal, dried cranberries and coconut, so you can feel good about snacking on them. Plus, when you add in a sprinkling of red and green M&M’s as she does, they make for a fun and attractive holiday treat.

italian almond cookies

Italian almond cookies

Sam and Phil aren’t just a wonderfully kind and perfectly adorable couple; they’re also the cooking and crafting geniuses behind cook quilt make and bake. Their favourite cookie recipe to make at this time of year is an Italian almond cookie called Ricciarelli. Phil explains that once baked, these attractive little diamonds are crisp on the outside with soft almond filling on the inside. And the combination of orange and almond makes them smell and taste truly seasonal. As a bonus, Phil suggests that when wrapped up, they make for a great hostess gift for the holidays. Just make sure you save a few for yourself to enjoy with someone special by the fire on a cold winter’s night! Check out their blog for the recipe and to keep up-to-date with their many creative Christmas projects.

chocolate shortbread sprinkle cookies

Chocolate shortbread sprinkle cookies

Shortbread is a true Christmas classic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with it and come up with creative new ways to enjoy this tasty dessert! That’s exactly what Maya at Alaska from Scratch did when she created these chocolate shortbread sprinkle cookies. They’re simple to make and absolutely adorable to look at. They’re sure to be a hit at your next Christmas gathering! Check out Maya’s recipe index for many other great holiday recipes.whisk and bowl

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