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Grey cup party planning

Are you ready to host this year’s Grey Cup party? The countdown is on, so what are you waiting for? Here are some fun ideas to help make this year’s event one to remember!

fans watching football on couch

The centennial edition of the Grey Cup is set for Nov. 25, 2012 and is sure to be a highlight for football fans across the nation. Fans from coast to coast will gather in front of the big screen to cheer on their favourite teams while socializing and munching on finger-licking-good snack food! Whether you’re cheering on the Stamps or the Argos, here are some easy suggestions to make your 100th year Grey Cup celebration a hit!

The pre-game

Planning and prepping ahead means you’ll be able to join in the fun, so get an early start game day, and you’ll be able to sit down for the opening kickoff.

  • Keep decorations simple and in the teams’ colours when possible.
  • Use paper napkins and disposable plates and glasses — and make sure you have plenty.
  • Put up pennants or football posters, and add a few footballs or helmets to the table or around the room.
  • Cover the serving table in green felt or cloth, and use fabric paint or white chalk to draw on a large football field complete with the yard lines and end
  • Dress in a team jersey or a referee uniform.
  • While waiting for the game to start, put on a classic football flick such as Rudy or a sports comedy such as Waterboy.
  • Plan extra seating around the TV. Use the floor if you need to.
  • Have lots of ice on hand.
  • Prepare as much food as you can ahead of time.
  • Have a separate seating area away from the TV for guests who would rather just socialize than watch the game.
  • Start the party as soon as the first guest arrives.

The main event

  • Serve food buffet style so guests can help themselves.
  • Food is one of the highlights of the party, so whip up tasty pub grub such as cheese-covered nachos and spicy chicken wings.
  • Try an antipasto platter with artisan bread or ciabatta buns for a no-fuss and delicious way to feed a crowd.
  • Tailgate favourites are another great option, so turn regular burgers or pulled pork sandwiches into party-size sliders, or make a big batch of barbecued ribs.
  • Depending on your guests, consider adding some healthy alternatives or vegan options to the buffet table spread.potato chips
  • Dips with chips or crackers and party mixes are perfect for the grab-and-go fan.
  • Stock your fridge or cooler with beer, wine, assorted soft drinks and water bottles.
  • Consider making party pitchers of Caesers or margaritas to serve your thirsty party-goers.
  • Have a just–for–fun pool to guess the halftime and final scores.
  • Encourage guests to do touchdown or field goal dances when their favourite team scores.

The after-party

Regardless of how your team did, it’s likely your Grey Cup party was a winner, so be sure to continue the fun after the game with these ideas.

  • Give out a fun prize for the best-dressed super-fan.
  • Hand out a prize to the loudest fan of the game.
  • Continue playing the movie from before game time.
  • Set up a make-your-own sundae bar for dessert, or have a dessert buffet.
  • Make sure everyone has a safe ride home after the party.

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