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Why soup is good for you

You know how you’ve been looking for that special something to cozy up with and eat? Well, we figure you’ve been looking for soup.

Fresh minestrome soup

Baby, it’s cold outside! Forget about the fireplace, woolly socks and that pesky hot chocolate. This season is all about the soups.

If you’re thinking, “Really? Soup? I don’t think I can make that,” you may be right, but let’s give you a little more credit. If you have a honkin’ pot, a stove, a bit o’ water, a knife, veggies and perhaps a chunk of meat (vegetarians not included), you can indeed make soup!

Now, if you’re doubting the necessity of soup consumption and consequently the need for cooking it, girl, you cray-cray. This viscous article of nourishment is not only nutritious, but it also aids that coveted weight loss and is easy on the wallet.

Let’s go through this together, yes? Fun!


So here’s the deal. Soup is so ridiculously nutritious for you, it almost sounds like a fairy tale. But since you’re the one cooking the soup, you’re in control. Remember that!

Health tip: At the end of cooking time, throw in some spinach or kale for an unbelievable dose of antioxidants.

We’re talking any random combination of carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, celery, potatoes, pasta, rice, peas, corn, mushrooms, squash… Throw in some chicken or legumes in there for protein. Bam! Healthy soup.

Obviously the required consumption of vegetables will fend off illnesses as well as those nasty respiratory tract infections.

Weight loss


Here’s the skinny on soup and weight loss. If mealtime is your weakness and reaching for a second helping is your vice, meet soup. If you make the soup hearty enough — so, with protein and some chunky veggies — this baby will keep you at bay.

Use soup as an appetizer; it will put out that hunger fire and give you the nutrition you need. That way the main course will not seem like a castaway’s first dinner in a decade. It also happens to be low on calories.

piggy bankEconomical

Let’s get real, here: Unless you ride a golden unicorn to and from your diamond palace perched on a gemstone rainbow, frugality can go a long way.

Making your own soup not only keeps you in the driver’s seat, but it’s also cheaper than your store-bought brands. That’s right: Cooking your own food is cheaper. Someone alert the village elders!

You can reuse those leftovers, some saggy, wilted vegetables, that gross chicken casserole Grandma sent you… Throw it all in the pot, make enough for the whole neighbourhood, and freeze the extra for later. Soup for three weeks and money jingling in your pocket… That’s what we call using the old noodle.

The magic of soup has opened your eyes, no? It’s nutritious, helps keep the old waistline trim and leaves more money for the important things — like shopping! Sound off in the comments, and let us know what your favourite soup is! Opinionate.

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