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Get in on the doughnut trend

For a while it was cupcakes. And don’t get us wrong, lineups can still be seen at Prairie Girl Bakery locations, and Dlish is opening up a second cupcake shop midtown.

The hot go-to sweet in Toronto
Glory Hole Doughnuts

Then macarons, with their delicate texture and pretty colours, worked on wooing the people of Toronto. But the latest sweet trend to overtake the city? Doughnuts.

Torontonians have a wealth of delicious new doughnut options. Here are some must-stops in the city for anyone with a sweet tooth.

These aren’t your average Tim Hortons doughnuts that you plunk down a loonie for and then eat on the go or at your cubicle. The latest doughnuts to hit the streets of Toronto are fresh, gourmet affairs. Below are just some of the doughnut hot spots worth noting should you ever want to do a doughnut tour of the T-dot.

Glory Hole Doughnuts

Glory Hole Doughnuts opened up a storefront in Parkdale toward the end of summer. The cheekily named doughnuts go for about $3 and up and can be hefty affairs — the whipped cream atop the Banana Cream Pie doughnut makes the pastry a bit difficult to eat in a ladylike manner. The shop sells both yeast and fried doughnuts and includes such flavour creations as Lemon Meringue and Elvis with Marshmallow. Follow the shop on Twitter to find out what’s just come out of the oven and get over there quickly before the batch sells out!

Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken

If you’re closer to the east end of the city, you can get your doughnut fix at Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken. The name says it all: Enjoy some delicious fried chicken, and then balance your savoury meal with one of Paulette’s fried doughnuts (think upscale flavours such as balsamic blueberry, $3). Note: Paulette’s is a takeout spot, so be prepared to eat in your car or bring your goods home or to your hotel room to devour.


If you prefer to enjoy a doughy pastry at the end of a meal, you have that option too at Delux. Its petite sugar-and-cinnamon-dusted doughnuts ($8) arrive warm in a paper bag and are worth saving room for, even though you’ll no doubt want to finish your Cuban-inspired meal there.


Over at Beast you can indulge in a gooey maple bacon doughnut ($3) to get your sweet and savoury all in one dessert. If you’re around Thursday mornings, head to the back alleyway of Beast, you’ll know where to go based on the line of people, to get your fix at the back door of the resto. If you’re not a maple bacon fan, she offers other flavours too, such as margarita.

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