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What to do with green tomatoes

At this time of year, anyone with a tomato vine is bound to find themselves inundated with green tomatoes that didn’t quite make it to their ripest point before the warm weather disappeared. But don’t worry, here are some great ways you can ensure those babies don’t go to waste!

green tomatoes

Be patient

Of course, tomatoes tend to be most useful in their ripe, red forms. So if you have the patience to wait for that to happen, you’ll be well rewarded. To help them ripen, place green tomatoes in a paper bag with a banana. Roll up the bag, and leave it on or by a windowsill if possible. Check on them each day to make sure nothing begins to rot. Try to make use of the red ones as they ripen rather than waiting for all of them to be ready. This will ensure you get use out of as many tomatoes as possible without any of them going bad sitting there.

Turn them into relish

If you don’t feel like waiting for your tomatoes to turn red, that’s more than OK. There are plenty of yummy recipes to use them in. Turning them into green tomato relish is a great option because the relish will last for months, which means you get to enjoy the goodness of homegrown tomatoes all year long.

Make salsa

Green tomatoes can be a little more on the firm and tart side than when fully ripe. But when you whip them into a salsa, you’ll barely notice. And it makes a nice change when you want to impress guests with something new. Simply dice up a bunch of green tomatoes, an onion and a couple of red tomatoes for added colour. Chop up a jalepeno or two, depending on how spicy you like it, and a handful of cilantro. Mix it all together, and add in lime juice and salt and pepper to taste. Serve with chips or pita bread at your next gathering, or put a spoonful in a wrap for lunch.

Fry ’em up!

No list on what to do with these tasty vegetables would be complete without the famous fried green tomatoes. And luckily they’re super easy to make. Although you can certainly whip them up as a fun Southern side dish, why not go all out and create this scrumptious fried green tomato BLT? You can also turn it into a wrap for a quick and easy lunch on the go.

Get creative

Green tomatoes certainly taste different from red tomatoes, but they can go very well in plenty of dishes. So before you toss any in the compost, try adding them to your usual dishes, such as salads, sandwiches and pastas, and see what you think. Worst-case scenario, you’ll try something new and give your body some valuable nutrients in the process without wasting a thing!

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