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Freaky party food for Halloween

Make your guest list, and invite all the zombies, witches and vampires you know, for even the most ghoulish of party guests won’t be able to resist these party foods!

What to serve at your Halloween party

Ogre eyes

You can use your own yummy devilled eggs recipe, or peel six hard-boiled eggs, cut them in half lengthwise, and scoop out the yolks into a small bowl. Mash the yolks with a few tablespoons of mayonnaise, one finely chopped green onion, garlic powder and mustard to taste. Add in a couple of drops of green food colouring, and mix until well blended and smooth. Fill the cavities of the eggs with the green yolk mixture, and add a slice of black olive filled with a piece of red pepper to the tops. Use a toothpick and red paste food colouring to squiggle veins on the whites of the “eyes.” Serve on a bed of shredded leaf lettuce leaves.

Black spider log

Use your favourite cheese log recipe, or for something different and easy, blend two softened (250 gram) blocks of cream cheese with two finely mashed or minced garlic cloves and one or two finely chopped green onions. Form the mixture into two spider-shaped “logs” — a smaller one for the spider head and a larger one for the spider body. Place the cheese logs into a dish, and cover them with soy sauce. Marinate for at least three hours in the refrigerator. When done, drain, then remove the cheese logs from the dish. Place them on a serving plate, and connect the head to the body. Completely cover with black sesame seeds, and add eight painted twigs or long, black, sesame seed-covered pretzels for the legs. Add two small red pepper pieces for the eyes, and serve with crackers.

Monster fingers

Cut six regular wieners in half. Cut off a small piece at the top of each one where the fingernail will go, and make two or three small surface slices about halfway down where the knuckle should be. Cut 12 fingernail-shaped pieces of green pepper,  white onion, or black olive. Add the wieners and the pepper or onion pieces to a pot of boiling water, and cook for a few minutes. Remove and pat dry. Mix one cup of ketchup or red hot sauce with a drop or so of red food paste to create the “blood,” then use a small amount of it as the glue to stick on the fingernails. Dip the cut end of each wiener into a generous amount of red sauce for a chopped-off finger effect, and serve.

More fun Halloween food ideas

  • Turn a normal veggie tray into a Halloween treat by arranging the vegetables into a jack-o’-lantern or skeleton shape.
  • Play up the food presentation. Use black and orange serving dishes, add plastic spiders “crawling” over food, and serve your food in little vignettes of graveyards, witches’ covens, vampire lairs, haunted houses and anything else your spooky imagination can come up with!
  • Food paste can add the right colour mood to almost any food. Just a bit of paste can make foods appear bloody red, slimy green or dirty, mouldy brown.
Image courtesy of Brandy Clabaugh of Nutmeg Nanny

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