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Delicious fall cocktails

Fall brings with it some great tastes and spices. And those flavours don’t have to be baked into pies or fused into stuffings. Try incorporating them into one of these tasty cocktails. You won’t regret it!

Mulled wine

Pumpkin pie in a glass

Nothing declares the arrival of fall quite like pumpkins. But when you don’t feel like baking a whole pumpkin pie to satisfy your craving, turn to SheKnows scrumptious pumpkin pie cocktail. It has all the soothing creaminess of autumn in an easy-to-put-together package. And don’t forget to top it with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of fall spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg for a real treat.

Hot Cinnamon Apple ToddieA warm sip of autumn

Saying goodbye to the fruity, floral flavours of summer can be disappointing. That’s why apple cocktails make the perfect beverage to help you cross over. And Cocktail Culture’s hot cinnamon apple toddy fits the bill perfectly. The blend of cinnamon schnapps, hot apple cider and other tasty ingredients makes it a delicious mixture of sugar and spice that is downright warm and soothing. Don’t forget to top it with a slice of Granny Smith and a cinnamon stick for decorative effect.

Spiked tea

Think tea is a boring drink meant for putting you to sleep? This Dutch tea from is anything but! Take some Pu-erh tea, add some chocolate vodka, and top with a few extra goodies, and you have one exciting and delicious fall beverage! Check out the website for the full recipe.

A bubbly refreshment

Wild Hibiscus Royale

Autumn inspires plenty of warm, sweet beverages to curl up with on cold days. But when you’re having people over, it can be nice to opt for something a little lighter. Lyndsey Fleenor at Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops created this refreshing and fragrant Wild Hibiscus Royale, which is perfect for any fall gathering or for when you want to treat yourself at the end of a long day. This unique twist on the traditional kir royale is one recipe you won’t want to skip. It’s fresh, tasty and elegant too!

Spicy entertainment

In the summer, a bowl of spiked punch makes an easy party beverage. But tracking down a variety of fruits in the fall can be expensive, not to mention it goes against the feel of the season. So to go with the theme of fall while still being able to have a beverage bowl for your next party, try Martha Stewart’s mulled white wine sangria. The gently sweetened combination of wine with fall fruits and spices makes it a delicious seasonal treat.

Happy sipping!

Image credits: Hibiscus Royale – Lyndsey Fleenor, hot cinnamon apple toddy – Hiram Walker(R)

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