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Easy freezer jam ideas

The summer bounty of fruit is delicious anytime of the year. Want to keep that yummy flavour even after your favourite fruit is out of season?

No-cook jams
Strawberry jam

Why not make a freezer jam so you can enjoy the fresh taste right from your kitchen even after summer is long gone.

Freezer jam is a no-cook way of preserving your favourite fruits. Not only is it easy to do because you don’t have to cook it like a traditional jam, it also retains the flavour of a freshly picked fruit. All it takes is a few ingredients and about 15 minutes of your time. The freezer preserves your product, hence the name.

Freezer jam tips

  • Choose ripe fruit. For best results, use fresh fruit, but if you enjoy the jelled taste of jam and your favourite fruit isn’t available, you can make it from frozen fruit instead. Just be sure to thaw it first.
  • A popular way to crush the fruit for the recipe is to use a potato masher, but pulsing it gently in a food processor works as well. Consider the texture you prefer. Do you like your jam chunky or smooth? Prepare it how you like, and remember the texture of the fruit won’t change after preparation.
  • The jam can be stored in either a clean plastic or glass container that is suitable for freezing and has a tight-fitting seal. And it doesn’t need to be sterilized first. Choose the size of container that suits your needs; any size up to 2 cups will work well. Be sure to leave about 1/4 of an inch of head room in the container.
  • Once it’s set, the jam can be stored in the fridge for up to three weeks or in the freezer for a year, so it can be ready to enjoy whenever you want! Try using your jam as a topper for bread or ice cream, or mix it into plain or vanilla yogourt.

Simply strawberry freezer jam

Here’s a classic recipe for tasty strawberry jam.

Serving size 4 cups


  • 2 cups cleaned, crushed/smashed berries
  • 4 cups white sugar
  • 1 (57 gram) package powdered pectin
  • 1/2 cup water


  1. Add the berries to a large bowl.
  2. Mix in the sugar, and let sit for approximately 10 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, add a 1/2 cup of water and the pectin to a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir constantly, and heat to a rapid boil. Then cook it for 1 minute more; the pectin mixture should be bubbling and frothy.
  4. Pour the boiling mixture over the sweetened strawberries, and stir thoroughly for a few minutes until the syrup starts to thicken.
  5. Pour into storage jars, cover with the lid, and let the jam sit until set.
  6. Refrigerate or freeze per the instructions in the tips section.
Note: To make a blueberry or raspberry jam, simply substitute 3 cups of berries for the strawberries, increase the sugar to 5 cups, then follow the same recipe. For the blueberry jam only, add 1-1/2 teaspoons of lemon juice to the berry-sugar mixture before mixing in the pectin.

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