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10 Reasons to get outside and celebrate

Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Woman celebrating Canada Day

You can count the number of months it’s warm in Canada on one hand, so it’s important to enjoy the warm weather while you can. Here are the top 10 reasons to get outside.


A holiday

Canada Day is just around the corner, and whether you’re attending a parade, barbeque or watching the fireworks, most celebrations are outdoors. The holiday is a great excuse to throw a block party or garage sale, so get outside and get to know the neighbours you only wave to on your way to work.


Good weather

Canadian winters are painfully long, so the first day of double-digit weather sparks all of us to run outside. It’s not uncommon to see patios open prematurely so that brave souls can enjoy a pint in the open air. They might be wearing jackets and looking for a heat lamp, but you won’t hear them complain. After months of being cooped up inside, can you really blame them?


Job promotion

You’ve been grinding away all year and finally worked up the courage to ask your boss for a raise. To your surprise, she says yes! Prepare yourself for this exciting transition by booking yourself a mini getaway that’s close to nature. Whether it’s a spa or quaint B&B, grab your significant other or friend and hit the road. Getting out of your regular environment and taking hikes or long walks will clear your mind for your new gig.


Physical achievement

Back in January you set a resolution, and unlike so many others, you stuck to it. Maybe you ran your first 10k race, started swimming or joined a bike club. Whatever the activity, your clothes are fitting better and you can’t remember the last time you felt so confident. Take a victory lap and then invite a friend to try out your activity — with a promise of a must-deserved glass of wine afterward. It might be just the motivation they need to get moving.


Kids going to camp

After a year of homework, school plays and the PTA, the last day of school has finally arrived. You’re looking forward to spending more time with them, but you also deserve at least one week without the kids. Sign them up for a camp that matches their interests and ship them off guilt-free. Enjoy the freedom by hosting an adults-only barbecue on your patio that goes well beyond bedtime.


You have a new home

It took you years to save up a down payment and then the stars aligned. You found the perfect place that’s perfect for you. The week before and after you move is always hectic with packing and unpacking, so give yourself a break by heading outside. If you’re changing neighbourhoods, have one last hurrah on your favourite patios. If your kitchen looks like a war zone post-move but you have a barbecue, move your meals to the backyard and get to know your neighbours.


Family reunion

You see your extended family once a year, so make it special by hosting it in a park. Take the pressure off by making it a potluck and arrive early to reserve picnic tables. Being outdoors will allow the children to run free and give the adults a chance to catch up. If there’s a baseball diamond nearby, create two teams and play a friendly game of softball. It’s a tradition that everyone will look forward to year after year.



You’ve always wanted to see the world, and now it’s finally possible. Embrace your freedom by booking a trip to your favourite destination, and then grab your passport and go. Leave your watch and calendar behind. If you’re really adventurous, rent a camper or RV and make it a road trip. You’ll see a side of the country you normally wouldn’t, and you’ll appreciate being able to come and go as you please.


Milestone anniversary

Over the years you’ve talked about things you want to do and places you’d like to go, but life always got in the way. Use an important anniversary as an excuse to check some of those things off your bucket list. Whether it’s skydiving, whitewater rafting or climbing a mountain in time to see the sun rise, doing it together will make it even more special.


Do you really
need a reason?

Seriously. Any opportunity to take a break from your busy life and be outside is cause for celebration. Period.

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