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Summer salads everyone will love

When people host summer BBQs, more often than not, they’ll ask you to bring a salad. Here are some ideas of what you can bring.

Potato salad

When the sun’s shining and the weather’s fantastic, we’re all inclined to socialize more, which is why you may find your calendar packed with summer BBQ invites. Since the hosts typically take care of the main course protein, you’ll likely be asked to bring a salad. Here are some ideas (some classic, some new) that’ll have every guest asking you for the recipe.

Potato salad

Often potato salads are laden with a lot of mayonnaise, making them not only a non-diet-friendly choice, but not something you want sitting on the outdoor buffet table in the sun. Here’s a much less fatty recipe that doesn’t feature any mayo at all.

Grilled mango and sweet potato salad

You won’t even miss plain white potatoes when you prep this tasty version that combines the delicious tropical flavour of mango with healthy yams. This recipe will be a feast to the eyes (those gorgeous orange shades) and a temptation to the taste buds all at once.

Kale and grapefruit salad

When kale and grapefruit come together, the pink flesh of the grapefruit set against the deep green of the kale leaves creates a beautiful play of colours. Plus, the wonderful earthy taste of kale (not to mention all those antioxidants its loaded with) paired with the lightness of refreshing grapefruit will surely make this salad the star of the potluck feast.

Italian pasta salad

No one can ever seem to resist the carbs when there’s a delicious pasta salad to dig into. This Italian pasta salad is one most of us know and love. In fact, a BBQ potluck might not seem complete without it.

Minty fresh fruit salad

Summer and watermelon go hand in hand (which is great, as the fruit is a tasty way to stay hydrated, given that it’s 92 per cent water). So for those looking for a light, refreshing way to end their meal, the minty fresh fruit salad you supply at the potluck will be a welcome diet-friendly choice.

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