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Father’s Day meal ideas

Treat your father to a meal he’ll love and remember forever this Father’s Day. They always say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, after all.

Plan and prepare a fantastic meal for your father this Father’s Day, and he’ll be so touched he’ll remember it forever. Truth be told, he’ll love it and cherish it forever just because of the time and effort you put into it, but you can also make it a super-delicious meal that will be memorable for its tastiness alone.

Plan a brunch

While you may have planned waist-friendly omelettes and pretty, sugary scones and tea for your Mother’s Day brunch, your Father’s Day brunch should take a different menu direction. Think bold flavours, such as egg scrambles with loads of ingredients (try black beans, cheese and avocado to give it a Tex-Mex feel), lots of breakfast meats (bacon, chorizo sausage, peameal and more) and home fries. For something sweet to balance all the rich items, make sure to whip up some pancakes. Here are some more breakfast ideas.

Plan a meat-and-potatoes BBQ

If your dad’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy, splurge on the best organic cut of grass-fed grilling beef you can afford, and you’ll win major brownie points. If the BBQ is usually your father’s domain and he wants to grill the meat, by all means, why deny him the pleasure? You can then focus on making a delicious potato salad to go alongside the meat. Try this potato salad with no mayonnaise. And since he’s not a fan of other veggies, give him a break for the night. Dad can return to healthy eating tomorrow.

Plan a Mexican fiesta with plenty of tequila

As your Father’s Day gift, give your dad a few great bottles of tequila (and you may win the “Best Daughter” award). Then play up the theme by preparing a Mexican fiesta dinner.

Plan a bacon bonanza

We’ve heard bacon referred to as man candy. As long as your dad doesn’t have any coronary issues, plan a menu in which every course includes bacon. Prep bacon-wrapped appetizers (such as water chestnuts and figs). Make a bacon explosion (search the net for recipes) as the main, and finish with cupcakes topped with maple frosting and bacon bits.

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