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Party games to break the ice

Playing a game at a party is a great way to keep guests entertained and talking to one another, but what about when some of the party guests have just met or barely know each other? That’s when you need an icebreaker party game to get your party going!

Party games

When hosting a party, you may need to lend a helping hand to get the guests to mix and mingle. Here are some easy games that are sure to engage your guests and get the conversation started. Try one of these at your next get-together.

Celebrity — yes or no

When all the guests have arrived, make an announcement that you will be playing a game with a mystery prize for the winner, and then place a name tag with the name of a celebrity or another well-known person on the the back of each guest. Make sure the guest doesn’t see the name. The object of the game is to have each person figure out their celebrity by asking the other guests yes or no questions about them. Give the first three people to guess their celebrity a fun prize, such as a shooter or special food treat not on your party menu.

Get to know the host

One thing your guests all have in common at your party is you, so use that to your advantage — if you don’t mind poking a bit of fun at yourself, that is! Give every guest a pen and a list of questions about you, the host. The object of the game is to be the first person to answer all the questions correctly. To win, players will need to ask the other guests for the answers they don’t know themselves. Be as personal as you want, but be sure to include questions about all aspects of your life, a few tough ones only select people will know and some questions people might need to work on together to figure out. Crown the victor “BFF for the night,” and give them a crown to wear or a funny trophy.

Personal charades

Before the party, divide the guests into two equal groups — the givers and the receivers. Make up to 10 index cards for each giver, each with a unique charade clue, and the write the name of the giver on the back of the card. Write up the same number of cards for each receiver, but with only their name on it. The night of the party, hand out the cards and remind everyone of the rules of charades, then have each giver act out the clue for a receiver. Set a timer for a minute or two, and time it yourself, yelling “switch!” when the time limit is up. If the receiver successfully guesses the clue within the time limit, the giver and receiver exchange cards. Allow each giver to go to each receiver only once. If there is one giver and one receiver who have collected the most cards from the opposite side, reward them with a “winner” badge or sash. In the event of a tie, give each player a cute token gift.

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