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Holiday-themed parties on a budget

Holidays can be an expensive time for many people, but particularly when you are planning to host a party. Don’t fret about cost: Keep your event budget-friendly with these simple tips and tricks.

Party decorations

Dollar store decorations

Party decorations are simply a tool to set the atmosphere and theme of the night, so they shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Check out your local dollar store for cheap ways to show why you’re all gathered. Or for more durable decorations, pick up some craft supplies and create your own unique DIY holiday items. Dyed eggs for Easter or shamrock cutouts for St. Patrick’s Day are extremely inexpensive and add a lovely touch. Plus, you can get some added enjoyment out of it by asking your friends or family to join in on the crafting process with you. Nothing says holidays like spending extra time with loved ones!

Food colouring

Food colouring is a fun and inexpensive way to make average recipes a little more festive. A few drops of the stuff will get you green beer for St. Patrick’s Day, red cupcakes for Valentine’s Day or pastel pink and yellow eggs for Easter. In moments you’ll have a table full of perfectly themed foods at very little cost to you.


Holiday-themed games are a great way to pass the time without costing you a penny. Fill a hat full of festive words for a night of charades and Pictionary. It’s an easy and budget-friendly way to ensure you and your guests enjoy a fun and comical evening.

Use the internet

Although mailed invites are a lovely touch, the cost of cards, printing and postage can really add up. And with the amount of festive cards being sent around over the holidays, your guests certainly won’t be offended if you rely on a website such as E-vite to get the word out. They have plenty of holiday-themed invitations to choose from, so you can tailor yours perfectly to your needs.

Work as a team

A great way to save some money and still enjoy a delicious feast is to hold a potluck. Ask your guests to bring their favourite dish that reminds them of the holiday you’re celebrating. Doing so is sure to leave your guests well fed and get them really excited about the occasion and what it means to them. If your guests don’t feel up for that kind of cooking and prep work, consider asking everyone to bring their favourite wine or other liquor of choice to share at the party. You’ll save a bundle on alcohol costs, and everyone will get to enjoy their favourite beverages — and perhaps even try something new!

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