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Bite-sized party food

At your next party, why not tempt your guests with a sampling of tasty bite-sized foods? Offering your guests small-scale food is a fun way to entertain, so here are some suggestions on what to serve.


In the world of home entertaining, a tasting party is a fun, trendy way to feed guests. It’s a simple concept: Small, individual samples of various foods and drinks are set out to allow people to try just a bite or two of everything. But long before the concept of a tasting party took hold, hosts were whipping up batches of delectable bite-sized party foods to serve their guests at everything from a birthday bash to a formal cocktail soiree! Whether you call them finger foods, nibbles, hors d’oeuvres or canapes, bite-sized foods are sure to be a hit at your next get-together! Here are some delicious small-food ideas.

Pop–in snacks

These savoury morsels are the perfect size for just popping right into the mouth. While a general rule of thumb is to allow 10–12 bites per person during a two-hour party, that total is bumped up to about 20 if you won’t be serving dinner as well, so be sure to make plenty. These are hard to resist!

Mini meals

These bite-sized favourites are still on the small scale even though they’re not pop-in size. When estimating the amount needed for a party, a mini-meal-size food could be considered the equivalent of one to three bites per person, depending on your crowd and size of the item. When planning the event, keep in mind that partygoers tend to munch more at casual affairs verses formal gatherings.

Sweet bites

Every party needs a sweet treat to be complete! The amount you make depends on your crowd, but three to five mini desserts per person should be enough to satisfy almost anyone. Here are some tasty little offerings for the sweet-lovers in the crowd.

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