Best devices for making a winning salad

May 24, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Whether you're making a salad for yourself, your family or a table full of guests, you want it to look and taste its best. Fortunately these simple tools help make that feat a little bit easier to accomplish.

Garden salad

Salad spinner

There's nothing worse than a watered-down dressing or soggy lettuce leaves. Avoid such issues by investing in a basic salad spinner. Simply tear up your lettuce leaves, rinse them under cold water in the strainer, then place the strainer in the compatible spinning bowl. A few good spins in the device, and your lettuce will be ideal for working with. Something along the lines of OXO Good Grips salad spinner will have the lettuce dry and ready to go in seconds. This will save you from wasting loads of time and paper towels, and will give your salad a fresh, crisp quality.


Grating vegetables such as carrots and zucchinis can add a colourful and decorative quality to an average salad. Grate your favourite veggies with ease using the Oneida large oval-shaped grater. It's convenient and simple to clean, so you can dress up your salads hassle-free. And although some graters offer several shredding options, in most cases, two sides will cover all your bases just fine.


Freshly zested lemons, limes and oranges can add a lot of zip to salads and dressings. But zesting with the wrong tool can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. Make things easier for yourself and ensure a delicious dish by investing in something along the lines of William-Sonoma's microplane rasp grater. It's also suitable for other items, such as parmesan cheese, which is perfect for your favourite Caesar salad recipe.

Dressing maker

Store-bought dressings are boring and filled with artificial flavours and preservatives. Instead of relying on them, try making your own unique salad dressings that will delight the taste buds of your family and friends. Chef'N Emulstir's salad dressing maker is easy to use, so you'll find yourself creating delightful concoctions in no time. Simply add oil, vinegar, herbs and spices, squeeze the handle and you'll have a whole new dressing in minutes.

Serving bowl and tongs

Once you've put together the perfect salad, display is everything. Make sure you don't lose the jaw-dropping quality of your creation in the presentation by purchasing the perfect serving bowl and tongs. Bed, Bath & Beyond has dozens of salad serving sets that you will be proud to dispay on your dining room table. And if possible, investing in individual bowls that match your serving bowl can add a lovely touch.

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