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Foodie’s guide to the May long weekend

In Canada, the May long weekend is commonly referred to as the start of camping season. Every Victoria Day weekend, campers across the land head to the great outdoors for a fun three-day getaway! Help make your weekend one to remember by bringing your inner chef and creating some different yet delicious camping food to enjoy.

For some reason, food just seems to taste better outdoors. Whether it’s served from the kitchen of your RV or from the cooler and firepit while tenting, the fresh air and sunshine add a certain je ne sais quoi to your foodie experience. But you don’t have to limit your weekend cuisine to hamburgers and hot dogs, so get creative and mix it up a bit! Here are a few suggestions.

Plan ahead

Campground convenience stores are not known for the variety of foods they keep on hand. Sure, if you need a canned pasta or a powdered orange juice product, it’s good to know you have a go-to place, but realistically, planning ahead is a better strategy. Make a menu plan, and prepare as much as possible ahead of time. After your prep chef duties are completed, make a list of what you need to bring, and purchase or pack it up from home.

Bring only what you need

If you have a camper or other RV, you will likely have a bit more space for some kitchen staples, but in general, when tenting or camping, bring only what you need. Use small plastic containers or baggies for pre-measured quantities of fresh herbs, spices, pastas, cheeses, sauces, marinades, condiments and the like. Remember to bring the appropriate cooking utensils, cookware and serving pieces you will need.

Take it out of the everyday

There are many incredible recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare when camping, so listen to your foodie instincts, and try something that is sure to satisfy your inner gourmet. Some recipes and ideas will have to be modified to suit camping requirements and cooking restrictions, but that is an easy fix and not something that should deter you from enjoying the food you love, even when away from home.

Some recipes to try

  • Hamburgers have a definite appeal while camping, so pump it up a notch by whipping up one of these burgers or alternatives.
  • Fire-roasted hot dogs are also a mainstay of outdoor living. Create one of these dogs for something different.
  • Steak and potatoes are always a camping fave, but add some pizzazz with yummy steak toppings.
  • Offer a salmon or other grilled fish to feed the crowd.
  • Grilled veggies are a satisfying choice for outdoor living and are easy to make over the fire or on a grill.
  • Grilled kebabs are a wonderful option when cooking outdoors. Try pork, lamb or shrimp, among others.
  • A patio pitcher is a surefire way to satisfy an adult thirst.

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