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5 Wedding day dessert ideas

Nowadays a wedding cake is often just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dessert planning. Bakers and candy makers everywhere are coming up with a multitude of ways you can delight your guests on the big day. Here are just some of the exciting options at your fingertips.

Cupcake wedding cakeCupcake arrangement

Not everyone likes the same kind of cake, so it’s fortunate that cupcakes were invented! Plenty of bakers and specialized cupcake makers out there can create beautiful arrangements with a wide variety of flavours. Your guests will be pleased they got just what they craved, and you’ll have a gorgeous display to show for it!

Personalized M & Ms

What could be cuter than a bowl full of candies covered in personalized touches, such as pictures of the bride and groom, their names or the date of the wedding? Not a whole lot. Fortunately the M & M website lets you do just that. You can pick the colours you want and upload unique images so your chocolate treats come out just how you want them.

Candy bar

Let’s face it: When we see an assortment of sweet treats, we’re all just kids in a candy store. So why not embrace that fact and give your guests something to get excited about? An hour or two after the cake has been cut and the dancing energy starts to fade, roll out a table of sugary delights. Fill bowls with chocolate-covered almonds, peanut M & Ms, Smarties, Jujubes, Swedish berries and whatever other treats you think your guests will enjoy. Provide them with little bags or boxes so they can take some goodies home with them if they’ve filled up too much on cake. You can even have the baggies personalized with your names and the date of the wedding so they’ll have an extra souvenir.


This old French tradition literally means “crunch in the mouth” and was once used as the actual wedding cake in France and other parts of Europe. It is essentially a tower of custard-filled cream puffs doused in caramelized sugar. The display is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and the individual pastries are scrumptious. It will add the perfect classy touch to your elegant evening.

Cotton candyCotton candy and snow cones

If you want to add a playful carnival flair to your wedding, this is the route for you. Today plenty of companies rent out cotton candy and snow cone machines along with professionals for proper dispensing of the sweet treats. It’s a fun spin the majority of your guests will have never seen before at a wedding reception. Even a formal wedding reception can have a whimsical twist with the addition of carnival food.

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