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Matching tea to your food

Given the many varieties of tea out there — each with a unique flavour — it only makes sense that certain teas pair better with certain foods. Learn how to match up the two here!


Much like how a certain wine will help bring out the flavour of a certain dish, tea too can be paired with food to make the meal an altogether more gratifying experience. Instead of wine at your next get-together, why not impress everyone with an appropriate tea pairing. It’ll likely not be something your guests have ever tried before.

But which tea goes with what type of food? Learn all about that here. These are not strict guidelines by any means. If one tea variety is your absolute favourite, by all means sip it with whatever dish you like! What’s most important is that you enjoy the overall experience.

White tea

White tea has a very light flavour, and as such, it shouldn’t be paired with strong-flavoured foods, or the delicate nature of this tea will be overpowered by the bold taste of your dish. White tea matches best with foods that are equally delicate and light — “clean” flavours. If anything, you might want to reserve this tea to be enjoyed on its own so your taste buds can truly appreciate its subtlety.

Green tea

Green tea has a strong, almost smoky flavour to it, making it a good match with foods having an equally strong flavour or even an oiliness to them, as the tea can cut through those bold flavours. Think fried meats or slightly oily pizza. Avoid drinking green tea with desserts and sweets; the contrast will make the tea’s bitterness even more apparent (and unpleasant).

Black tea

If the black tea you have is of an earthy flavour, it will pair with foods you might consider earthy as well. Think hearty dishes, such as roasts and savoury root vegetables. Avoid drinking black tea with sweet dishes, as its earthiness will contrast too much with the sweetness.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea’s flavour profile is more sweet compared to other teas, but with a hint of floral. For this reason, it works well with light, salty dishes or those with a sweet and salty flavour combination. Think salty nibblers such as crackers with cheese, pretzels or savoury biscuits.

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