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10 Canadian food bloggers we love

In Canada, there’s no shortage of talented food bloggers, and with so many creative cooks in the kitchen, we’ve made things easy on you. After a little research (and a lot of eating), we’ve rounded up those we consider to be the best of the best. Make sure to bookmark these must-read Canadian food blogs before you plan your next meal:

1. Crumb

Spicy roast chicken
Image: Crumb

One of the things we love most about Crumb is the way its author, Isabelle, sources as many of her ingredients as possible from her own garden and the local farmers market. She then takes those fresh ingredients and weaves together recipes that make us drool, like this one for spicy roast chicken with carrots, olives and lemons.

Isabelle says, “Crumb is a collection of the kinds of recipes I like to make at home — simple, made-from-scratch meals and un-fussy desserts, usually made with seasonal ingredients and shameless amounts of butter.”

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2. Dinner with Julie

Peanut butter cup crème brûlée
Image: Dinner with Julie

We love nearly every recipe we’ve found on Dinner with Julie, but we have to admit it was these five heavenly words that sealed the deal for us: peanut butter cup creme brulee. Julie, a talented food writer, photographer and stylist, has a knack for using both her words and her photos to pull us in.

“My blog is an extension of my cookbooks — a way to connect directly to my audience and share what I’m cooking in my own kitchen, in real time. It’s like a reality cookbook! So often, we cook based on ideas — dressing up convenience foods or upcycling leftovers, for example — rather than cook from a recipe,” Julie explains.

3. Family Feedbag

Spaghetti with chicken and parmesan
Image: Family Feedbag

After reading Amy’s recipe for spaghetti with chicken in white wine parmesan sauce, we think we might want to drink the sauce right from the bowl. Amy’s fantastic “foodtography” leaves us drooling. We are delighted by the way she takes a recipe and adds an unexpected ingredient or two to make it unique and oh-so-tempting.

4. The Goodie Girl

Peanut butter pretzel cheesecake
Image: The Goodie Girl

The Goodie Girl’s Halifax-based blog of delicious treats proves what we have been telling ourselves all along: There’s always room for dessert. Follow The Goodie Girl on one of her many “baking adventures,” posted regularly to her blog, or try one of her irresistible recipes for yourself. We suggest starting with the to-die-for peanut butter pretzel cheesecake bars. (And for those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth, The Goodie Girl posts plenty of savory recipes to balance things out.)

5. Lauren Follett Blog

Spaghetti squash lasagna
Image: Lauren Follett Blog

If you’re looking for food inspiration from a registered nutritionist who has a passion for healthy living, add Lauren’s blog to the top of your list. Lauren, who has studied at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, makes healthy living look easy — and pretty darn delicious too. Lauren’s goal is to break down the often confusing world of health and nutrition, with favorite recipes like her mouthwatering (and low-cal) spaghetti squash lasagna.

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