Potatoes can be part of a healthy diet

Many of us have ditched white potatoes from our plates, but this humble vegetable contains nutrients and minerals and can be part of a healthy diet.


Potatoes have gotten a really bad rap, as most of us think of French fries at fast food restaurants and the country’s expanding waistlines they’re contributing to. In fact, more and more places are offering sweet potatoes as an option alongside their white cousin (sweet potato fries are even available from major food companies and can be found in the frozen food aisle now).

But white potatoes are not all bad. While it’s true that sweet potatoes are healthier in some respects (they contain more fibre and vitamin C), the white potato is actually the winner between the two when it comes to other essential nutrients. White potatoes contain more iron (2.8 milligrams compared to 1 milligram in sweet potatoes), potassium (844 milligrams versus 693 milligrams) and protein (5 grams versus 3.5 grams). Surprised? Here’s another fact you may be unaware of: White potatoes contain fewer carbs and fewer calories than sweet potatoes. So all of you on low-carb diets should’ve been opting for white potatoes over sweet potatoes all this time.

Is your mind blown? Here are some recipes for this humble little root vegetable to try out.

Mashed potatoes

One of the ultimate comfort foods, this side dish is also super easy to make, so it’s no wonder it’s one we often return to. To make it a lighter recipe, use skim milk rather than whole milk (or try a low- or no-sodium chicken broth), and go easy on the butter. Or add flavour through other ingredients, such as garlic or mustard (like in this recipe for spicy chunky mashed potatoes).

French fries

You may adore your French fries (and they’re fine to have occasionally — everything in moderation!), but more often that not, opt for something healthier. You can bake satisfying fries in the oven, which is a much lower-fat option than the fried variety. Try this recipe for oven-baked fries so you can get your fix (just be sure to slice your fries in equal thickness so they bake evenly).

Roasted potatoes

Throw a casserole dish filled with potatoes into the oven to roast alongside your meat. The succulent, crispy bits of roasted potatoes clinging to each spud will make it a crave-worthy side dish. Use this recipe for roasted potatoes with peppers and shallots, and you get some additional veggies into your meal too.

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