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Healthy ways to add flavour to foods

Trying to eat cleaner and leaner but don’t want to sacrifice taste? You don’t have to resign yourself to bland food, as there are many healthy ways to make dishes tasty.

Chicken with mango salsa

Many of us reach for salt or butter or use methods such as frying to add flavour to our meals, and while we can’t deny the food is delicious, eating like this on a regular basis is not good for our health. But this doesn’t mean you have to resort to plain foods that’ll have your taste buds crying out for something yummy. There are plenty of ways to add flavour without increasing the sodium, fat and sugar in your food.

Chop up a salsa

Get creative with produce in your fruit and vegetable drawers, and chop up a lively, colourful and, most important, flavourful salsa to enjoy with your main dish, whether it’s meat, fish or eggs. And while we most often think of tomatoes when it comes to salsa, don’t shy away from such fruits as pineapple or mango to give it a tropical flair. Best of all, the possible combinations are endless, so taste-test away! Need more guidance? Here are some salsa-making tips.

Marinate your meat

If you usually opt for frying your meats and fish and are skeptical of them being flavourful if baked or roasted, that’s because you haven’t mastered marinating yet. Whip up your marinade (try some of these spicy marinades) the night before, and marinate your meat overnight in the fridge. When you get home the next day, your dinner’s practically ready; all you need to do is pop it into the oven or onto the BBQ. Another bonus of marinating? It helps to tenderize the meat, so you can opt for a cheaper cut and still end up with a tender meat.

Get to know your herbs

Fresh herbs are a fantastic and healthy way to add loads of flavour to your food without hurting your heart health. If you have a garden in your yard, plant a few herbs so you always have a steady supply. (Some can be grown in containers too, such as rosemary.) Of course, they’re also available in your supermarket, but you’ll find yourself using them so often that having your own stash is preferable. When storing herbs in your refrigerator, you can prolong their freshness by placing them upright in a glass or pitcher with some water at the bottom (much like a vase of flowers).

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