Protein-packed smoothie

Loading up on protein is a great way to start your day off right or to give your muscles the energy they need after a tough workout. Give your body all the fuel and nutrients it requires with this protein-packed smoothie!

Green smoothie

Protein-packed smoothie

Serving size 2

This delicious smoothie is loaded with vitamins, minerals and a huge amount of protein to give you all the energy you need each and every day.


  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup fruit yogurt
  • 2 cups frozen fruit
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1 scoop blueberry flavoured VegeGreens


  1. Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a food processor or blender.
  2. Transfer to glasses and enjoy immediately.

Note: The flavour of yogurt and varieties of fruit you decide to use are completely up to you, so have fun experimenting!

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