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5 Favourite food movies

Sometimes going to the farmers market can inspire us in the kitchen, but at other times, we just need to rewatch some of our favourite foodie flicks. Here are five we love.

Woman cooking

Sometimes we get in a rut when it comes to cooking; nothing that we want to cook and eat comes to mind. When we’re feeling uninspired in the kitchen, one of our favourite things to do to get our creative juices flowing is to pop one of these movies into the DVD player.

Lady and the Tramp

Sure, it might be just one iconic scene rather than a foodie movie, but that one sweet scene of the two dogs sharing a bowl of spaghetti with it ending in a kiss gets us every time (and often gets us cooking up a batch of pasta!). Who doesn’t swoon when this tender moment happens?


You wouldn’t think an animated film could be one of the top foodie films — featuring Remy, a rat, of all creatures as the chef — but we can never watch this movie without salivating over the food and getting swept up in Remy’s passion for food and cooking. Funny how an animated rat can renew our love for the craft.

Julie & Julia

A superb portrayal of Julia Child (the chef who has inspired so many people to get cooking) by Meryl Streep paired with very relatable, modern-day Julie (played by Amy Adams) as an office worker bored with her job and her adventures in cooking every one of Child’s recipes almost makes us want to attempt each recipe — but then we remember it includes having to debone a chicken.


Should your chocoholic habit ever wane, a sure bet to stir it up again is by watching this beautiful movie featuring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. Binoche plays a single mother who teaches the townspeople of a small French village the wonders of the delectable sweet. Watch it, and you can’t help but want to plan a jaunt to the French countryside.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Although this movie highlights the beauty and skill behind sushi as a food and, of course, the exceptional mastery of sushi chef Jiro Ono, the documentary also serves as inspiration for more than just cooking: It makes you want to strive to be the best you can be in whatever work you choose to do and to pursue your life’s passion as wholeheartedly as 85-year-old Jiro.

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