5 Mom food bloggers we adore

More often than not, what can save the day when it comes to finding inspiration for getting food on the table for the family? Food blogs. And these five moms write some of our favourites.

Family eating dinner

Getting a proper meal on the table for your family day in and day out can be a tiring task. What can make it easier, not to mention more fun and way more delicious? Mommy food bloggers. Here are a handful of our favourites who inspire us on a daily basis.

Food Allergy Mama

When you have a child with a food allergy, you learn to cope and live with it, but there is always that underlying fear that somehow your child will consume something that could kill him or her. On top of that, there’s the added element of having to cook for your family with your child’s food restrictions in mind. Kelly Rudnicki, the mom behind this blog, provides tasty recipes and useful information that is a comfort to parents in the same situation.

$5 Dinners

Every parent knows how much it costs to feed a growing family. Erin Chase provides recipes that’ll suit tight budgets while not sacrificing taste. The blog’s also a great source for (what else?) coupons and freebies, making saving money easier right off the bat, but the penny-pinching recipes are nothing to turn your nose up at either.

The Conscious Kitchen

Healthy eating that’s good not only for you but also the planet? Count us in. Alexandra Zissu shares yummy recipes and a wealth of information on living sustainably. She’s an incredible inspiration on how families can live a more green lifestyle, demonstrating that it truly isn’t as difficult as you might expect.


Know the term food porn? This blog does it for us. The gorgeous photography of food that gets us salivating every time along with a fresh, clean layout make Jaime’s blog a top in our books. Plus, we can’t resist the sections this single mom of three also offers about manners. Reading moms aren’t only into cooking, after all.

Yummy Fun

The quirky graphics, zany sound effects and an overload of exclamation points on this blog from Clare Crespo all add up to one thing: lots of fun. You can’t help but get swept up by the exuberant and lighthearted vibe of the blog (food can be playful, after all!), which can be a welcome escape from complaining kids and a never-ending to-do list.

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