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5 Beans you must start using


As responsible adults, we are constantly looking for new ways to live more healthy lives. One easy way to achieve that goal is by adopting a healthy diet. Beans are a great way to incorporate more fibre and protein into your meals. So get cooking with these five great beans as soon as you can.

Bowls of beansGarbanzo beans

Otherwise known as chickpeas, garbanzo beans are one member of the bean family you have almost certainly tried in one form or another. We most commonly experience them when they have been blended with oil and spices to form a delicious hummus dip or spread. But chickpeas are also great in their natural form when incorporated into soups, stews or salads.

Black beans

Black beans have a neutral taste, which makes them great for a wide variety of dishes. For instance, they can be the perfect stand-in for meat in veggie burgers or casseroles. But the real miracle of black beans is the fact that they can be used to make healthy and absolutely scrumptious desserts. Don’t believe us? Whip up a batch of gluten-free black bean brownies, and judge for yourself!

Kidney beans

Because of the larger size of the kidney bean, they are far more noticeable in dishes than some of your other options. Although this may be a turn-off at first, don’t judge too quickly. Kidney beans are a key component in many comfort dishes, such as chilis and sloppy joes, so you may be more familiar with their taste than you think. It just might be time to rekindle your childhood love affair with this delicious bean!

Edamame beans

Nothing is as easy to incorporate into your daily meals as edamame beans. Because they are traditionally eaten right out of their shells, you can enjoy them as a quick snack in under five minutes. Simply toss a couple of handfuls into a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Remove from heat, rinse beans under cold water and dry them off. Sprinkle with salt to taste, and in just minutes, you’ll have a snack that’s loaded with fibre and many other nutrients.

Mung beans

Of all the beans we’ve discussed, these little green pods are probably the ones you are least familiar with. Because they are found in Southeast Asia and most commonly used in Chinese cuisine, they often go unnoticed in the West. But their mild and nutty flavour makes them easier to work with than you might think. This, in addition to their small size, makes them ideal for incorporating into grain- or corn-based salads.

Beans for everyone!

Beans are an incredible source of fibre and protein, and they also happen to be low in fat. What more could you ask for? They’re delicious, easy to incorporate into recipes and are healthy too. So start eating more beans today!

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