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Get creative with your Easter dinner leftovers

If you hosted Easter dinner this weekend, chances are you have loads of leftovers. Even if you shared some with your guests, you likely have plenty left. Here are some ways to change up your meals so your taste buds don’t get bored.

Turkey and ham leftovers

If you think leftovers from your Easter dinner are a burden, then think about this: Half the work is already done, so meal times should be super simple for the week following the holiday. The key is to find tasty new ways to prepare the ingredients so your palate doesn’t get bored. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Turkey leftovers

If you’re dreading lunches of sliced turkey thrown in between two slices of white sandwich bread, relax. You can do so much more with your turkey leftovers when it comes to sandwiches. Cube or shred your turkey, then mix it with some mayo and a bit of curry powder. To give it a bit of sweetness, add some raisins or cubed apple. Then toss the mixture into a whole-grain wrap. Or to make a regular turkey sandwich more interesting, try putting the meat between two slices of raisin bread (or go to your local bakery and choose a speciality bread you don’t usually buy). Alternatively, add some small pieces into a salad; it’ll make the salad more filling thanks to the addition of this protein-loaded meat.

Lamb leftovers

Don’t let that lamb you prepared go to waste. One of the simplest and tastiest things you can do with lamb is to use it to make gyros. Place some slices into a Greek pita along with some tomatoes, onions and tzatziki, and presto: brand new, super-simple meal. Or chop up the lamb and use it as the base layer in a shepherd’s pie (just top with some corn and mashed potatoes, then bake).

Ham leftovers

There are so many ways you can use up that sweet, juicy ham. Cube it and toss it into fried rice along with some peas, carrots and green onions. Remember: The best fried rice is made with leftover cooked rice, so if you still have some from your Easter dinner, you’ve already got two ingredients ready to make the fried rice. Or add some ham into your morning omelette or scrambled eggs. You can even make a frittata for dinner. Another great use for leftover ham? Whip up a black bean soup, such as this recipe. The flavour of salty ham and earthy beans blends together well.

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