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5 Exciting cheeses to try

We all know that cheese is good for us. But with so many options out there, trying to choose from the land of dairy’s vast offerings can be confusing. We simplify things for you by presenting five cheeses you simply must try immediately.

Goat cheese

Goat cheese

There’s nothing quite like the mild, creamy taste of goat cheese. You can buy it either plain or rolled in herbs, which serves as a delicious and easy appetizer. It has fewer calories and fat than other cheeses and is loaded with protein. Plus, its light flavour makes it ideal for virtually any person’s palate. There are plenty of healthy goat cheese recipes out there to fill your cooking needs for everything from dinners to appetizers to desserts. This soft and creamy cheese does it all!


Where goat is the everyman’s cheese, cambozola is a more complex and daring option. It is an intriguing blend of French Camembert and Italian Gorgonzola. By combining the pungent and crumbly texture of Gorgonzola with the rich creaminess of Camembert, you are presented with a perfectly decadent middle ground. Putting a disc of Cambozola on a cheese platter is a sure way to get the conversation started at your next gathering.


Feta cheese is a definite crowd-pleaser. It is traditionally made from goat’s or sheep’s milk and formed into a white brick that crumbles easily. This makes it ideal for sprinkling over salads, pastas, pizzas and breads. Unlike some cheeses that are better when either hot or cold, feta is great on cold dishes yet melts into meals perfectly as well. Have a sandwich, salad or other dish that seems to be missing something? Try crumbling some feta over it and see what you think!


Brie is a delicious French cheese made from cow’s milk. It is characterized by a thick, white rind and a soft, more beige-coloured centre. This cheese is particularly delicious when paired with fruits and nuts. Create a platter that includes slices of brie, roasted pecans and a jar of fig jam, and your guests will devour it in no time. For an extra-special treat, place the nuts and jam on top of the brie disc, and bake it in the oven. The warm gooeyness verges on sinful!


Havarti is an exciting and fun alternative to your typical cheddar and mozzarella. Like these two cheeses, it slices easily and isn’t too pungent, making it a great addition to sandwiches. It comes in many varieties, as manufacturers have come out with versions that are infused with jalepenos, olives, garlic and other herbs and spices. Not sure where to start? Whip up a turkey, bacon and havarti sandwich and see what you think.

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