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Block party favourites

The warmer Canadian weather has finally arrived! It’s time to round up your neighbours and reconnect for an outdoor block party. Make it easy by keeping it simple, and then have fun catching up with one another as you enjoy some great food.

Potluck block party

Holding a block party is one of the easiest entertaining ideas to come along. Count on everyone to pitch in to make it an outdoor party to remember. Here are a couple of tips and some perfect food options.

General tips:

  • Invite everyone on your street. You want to have fun while promoting a good, neighbourly spirit, so make sure to include everyone.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate permits and that you follow community guidelines.
  • Make a list of everything that’s needed, and have everyone contribute by bringing one or more things on the list. Be specific. For example, one person might consider “bring dinner rolls” to mean one dozen, but to another it could be as many as deemed necessary by the group. So outline exactly what is needed.
  • Have an optional rain-out date.
  • Create some fun activities for children and for everyone to participate in.

Easy fun food:

Sweet treats

  • Dessert squares, cookies or cake are a sweet way to finish off a block party meal. How about a citrusy lemon taste? Maybe a rich date option? Or is chocolate or cookies the only way to go? With so many dessert options, it’s hard to go wrong! Everything, from your best cookie recipe to your famous pie, is welcome at your block party!


  • Being outside all day is bound to create some dry mouths. Quench your thirst by having lots of beverages on hand.
  • Set up multiple coolers with water bottles and assorted soft drinks.
  • Have a non-alcoholic punch available.

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