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Unique fillings for a sushi party

Getting together with some friends to make your own sushi is a fun — not to mention delicious — way to spend an evening. But loading up roll after roll with cucumbers and carrots can quickly get boring. Keep things interesting with these unique ideas for filling sushi.

Sushi rolls

Making your sushi

Breaking into the world of homemade sushi is far easier than you might think. All you need is a few bamboo sushi mats, a couple of packages of seaweed and a large pot of sticky rice, and you’re good to go. Simply wet your hands with rice vinegar to prevent them from sticking, and make sure to wrap your rolls as tightly as you can. But the fun really starts when you begin experimenting with fillings. Don’t feel limited by what you see in restaurants! Here are just a few ways you can get creative with your sushi-making.

Culture clashes

Traditional Japanese sushi is known for primarily incorporating different kinds of seafood, but by no means do you have to feel limited by that. Give them a spicy Mexican flare by rolling in some shredded cheese, beans and jalapenos. Or go the Italian route and combine asparagus with prosciutto. You can even stick by your Western taste buds and load a roll up with cream cheese, green onions and smoked salmon for a soft and sure-to-please treat.

Sandwich swaps

You know all those combinations you adore in your typical sandwiches? It’s all too easy to transition them into being your favourite sushi medleys. BLTs, clubs, egg salads and tuna melts are all delicious ideas to be played around with during your next sushi party.

Sweeten it up

Just because it’s dinner food doesn’t mean it can’t be sweet too. Many fruits and sweet vegetables can be incorporated into sushi superbly. Mango, for example, is the perfect combination of tangy and sweet, so don’t be afraid to roll it up with some avocado for a totally new experience. The texture and flavour of mashed pumpkin and baked sweet potato make these great items to play around with. And if you’re a fan of Hawaiian pizza, there is a very good chance that bacon and pineapple will hit the spot.

Different meats

Meat is often the main component of a traditional sushi roll. But you don’t have to limit yourself to salmon, tuna or eel. Have fun incorporating some of your other favourite meats, such as grilled chicken or flank steak.

Every kind of vegetable

It’s common to see carrots and cucumbers in restaurant-made sushi, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Just as a salad with half a dozen ingredients can blend together beautifully, so can a wide range of vegetables in a single sushi role. Veggies such as radishes, avocados, snow peas, beans, mushrooms, onions, spinach and tomatoes can all be nicely mixed into rolls. Vegetables are so diverse and unique, you are sure to surprise yourself with some incredible combinations!

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