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Host a lovely Easter brunch

The long Easter weekend will be here before you know it — start planning your get-together now. This menu covers everything you need, from beverages to mains and sweets.

Asparagus omelette

It’s spring and it’s a holiday long weekend — components that make hosting a lively and lovely Easter brunch a fantastic idea. These menu items will be sure to please your guests. Don’t forget to organize an Easter egg hunt for the youngsters in your group, and of course, have some Easter chocolate for everyone.

Veggie omelette

Asparagus comes into season in May, but check your farmers market or grocery store and see if any of the early crops look worthy. A veggie omelette makes a great entree, as it can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike (meat eaters can always help themselves to some bacon on the side). Try this recipe for a light, tasty version of the breakfast favourite.


You might have an uproar on your hands if you don’t offer this favourite breakfast meat at your brunch. Serving it on the side rather than in dishes makes it easier for the vegetarians in your group. We also suggest making it in the oven or microwave rather than on your stovetop. That way your entire home doesn’t have to smell of bacon.

Buttermilk biscuits

What’s brunch without some carbs? Bake these just in advance so that they’re ready when guests arrive — their incredible scent will linger, and nothing’s better than tearing into a fresh, warm biscuit. This recipe is just like mom used to make. Serve with butter and an array of jams.

Oatmeal muffinsBlueberry muffins

Some of your guests will want something sweet at brunch. If you’re not feeling up to making French toast or pancakes (both are pretty labour intensive when you’ve got a house full of guests), bake some muffins in advance instead. These oatmeal blueberry muffins will do the job nicely.

Fruit salad

A fruit salad is always welcome — it’s both refreshing and can help cleanse the palate, not to mention add a rainbow of colour to your buffet table. Plus, it’s a good dessert option for people watching their diets or who simply don’t have a taste for traditional baked goods. This simple kiwi fruit salad will get rave reviews at your brunch.

Champagne cocktails

Pop that bottle open, and let the mimosas flow. You can go traditional by using orange juice to make a standard mimosa, or add some strawberries to the mix like in this sunrise mimosa recipe. Another classic Champagne cocktail that’s a crowd pleaser? A kir royale.

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