Fun food ideas for April Fools’ Day

April 1 is fast approaching and if you haven’t gotten any pranks up your sleeve, don’t fret. Here are some food ideas to trick your friends and family with.

Meatloaf cupcakes

Before you know it, April 1 will be here — are you ready for it? April Fools’ Day and all of its frivolity and foolishness is actually celebrated in many countries around the world. But when’s the last time you played an April Fools’ Day prank? Get in on the fun and enjoy some tasty dishes in the process by making some of these playful food ideas. Kids and adults alike will get a kick out of them. Think of it as dinner with a side of giggles.

Savoury “cupcakes”

We bet you won’t be able to have just one of these savoury cupcakes, where instead of cake you’ve got meatloaf and the frosting is actually mashed potatoes. In fact, once you make these, we bet they’ll make it into your regular cooking repertoire – try this recipe. Or using the same idea, make meatloaf and mashed potatoes look like a double-layer cake.

“French fries and ketchup”

Bake up some shortbread cookies and cut them into thick wedges or chunky strips so that they look like French fries. Serve alongside a small bowl of “ketchup,” that is, some raspberry or strawberry compote.

Thirst quenchers

Prepare some Jello in glasses and insert a straw so that it solidifies with the straw in place. Set out for your family or guests and watch them attempt to take a sip.

“Taco salad”

Using a waffle bowl instead of a tortilla bowl, fill with chocolate ice cream (in place of ground meat), and top with shredded coconut (which will look like grated cheese), candies (go with green and red hues to mimic chopped tomatoes and green onions).

Green eggs and ham

Everyone loves Dr. Seuss. Bring one of his most famous books to life by serving green eggs and ham for breakfast or supper. Simply include a drop or two of green food colouring in your eggs and you’re all set.

“Mashed potatoes and gravy”

Next to your chicken or pork chop for dinner, serve some vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce — you’d be surprised at how much this sweet treat resembles mashed potatoes and gravy. Your dinner guests may not want a repeat invite, however.

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