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Mad Men‘s back. Why not throw a viewing party?

Mad Men has returned with season five, and if you and your friends are all tuning in, why not gather the group together and throw a viewing party at your place? These apps and cocktails will be all you need to hit the spot.

Don Draper returns this weekend to the boob tube, and millions of people have been waiting eagerly for this moment. Enjoy the Mad Men premiere with some friends so you can debrief right afterwards. All you need are a few retro cocktails and simple appetizers to set the mood. So break out that cocktail shaker and some platters, and get ready to tune in.

Vodka gimletVodka gimlet

Make like the characters from the show and enjoy your fair share of vodka gimlets. This cocktail is simple to prepare, making it perfect for whipping up a few during the commercial break. Refreshing and simple, you and your guests will likely want more than just one.


Made of whisky, sweet vermouth and bitters, be sure to have a stash of maraschino cherries so you can garnish each one properly. Manhattan connoisseurs may insist on the cocktail being stirred rather than shaken, but you can make your own rules. Try this classic recipe we’re sure your guests will love.

Deviled eggsDevilled eggs

A classic appetizer synonymous with the ’60s and ’70s, devilled eggs (try this recipe) are most easily served in a devilled egg platter. Check if any relatives have one lurking in their attics. Otherwise, a flat serving plate will be just fine. Bonus: Boiled eggs provide protein, which will help make you feel full (a smart idea if you’re having a gimlet or two).


If you’re in a rush to pull your party together, a cheeseball is a great choice of appetizer, as it’s super quick to roll up, and you may even already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Plus, it looks elegant and like it requires more effort than it actually does.

Pigs in a blanketPigs in a blanket

Ask someone to name a retro appetizer, and we bet most people will say pigs in a blanket. It’s a shame this wiener snack has gone out of vogue, because it’s a filling, tasty appetizer that, like the cheeseball, is super simple to make. Buttery yet savoury, it hits all the right flavours — even if it’s not exactly great for the waistline.


Have plenty on hand for those who want to garnish their martinis, but these tangy, bite-size fruit also make a great, simple and tasty snack on their own.

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