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Throw a Mexican fiesta


Ever met anyone who’s not fond of Mexican food? No? That’s because everyone loves this type of cuisine. So why not throw a dinner party including some Mexican favourites? We bet no one will turn down your invite!

Steak fajitas with guacamole

Maybe you’re simply craving a little bit of Mexico because you’re not going there over March break; or maybe you just don’t want to wait for a table at Grand Electric in Toronto for a taco. Or, maybe you simply just want to indulge in some great cuisine with some friends. Whatever the reason, now’s the perfect time to whip up some of your favourite dishes and have a party.

And bonus of Mexican cuisine? It’s largely gluten-free (since many components are made with corn) so you don’t need to fret about making separate dishes for your friends with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.


What’s a Mexican party (or any party, for that matter) without a giant bowl of guacamole? (It’s got to be giant, because everyone loves guac!) And, in moderation, you don’t have to feel very guilty about eating it — avocado (the main ingredient) is loaded with healthy fats. Try this recipe for classic guacamole or, if you’re feeling like something with a twist, make this refreshing grapefruit guacamole salsa.

Tip: Remember to buy avocadoes well before your party so that they have some time to ripen. If you need them to ripen quickly, throw the avocadoes into a paper bag and leave on your counter — within a couple of days, they should be ready.


Set up a fajita station where your guests can fill and wrap up their own fajitas. Include these steak fajitas for the carnivores, these zesty shrimp and orange fajitas for the non red-meat eaters and these fiesta veggie fajitas for the vegetarians. Be sure to pick up some gluten-free wraps for your gluten-intolerant and -sensitive pals.


Let your guests choose their own level of spiciness by offering a selection of fresh salsas. These four salsa recipe options will give them a well-rounded assortment to choose from.


If you’d rather not be tied to the stove frying up fixings for fajitas, enchiladas might be a better main course choice for you. You can prepare the dish ahead of time and pop it into the oven to bake just before your guests arrive. This recipe for chicken and cheese enchiladas comes together really quickly — perfect for a night of fuss-free entertaining.

Margaritas and daiquiris

What’s a Mexican party without some margaritas and daquiris? A fresh strawberry daiquiri is a classic that everyone loves, and for margaritas, try these skinny margarita suggestions, which’ll cut down on sugar and calories, but not on flavour.

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